Lost Memoirs Chapter 2 10/25/2016

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Review Chain

a boy who once lived far away suddenly moved to a small town in japan. only to find what he was looking for.
blake baker is a half english/japanese boy who once lived with his mother and father when suddenly his parents broke up.

the story takes place at a town far from the main cities of japan where blake's mom was born and raised.
there, he moved with his mom.
blake was sad at first but when he finally made friends with a girl Alisya Natsuki in his class. his world will totally change

This is a little script for a manga

Please read Chapter 1 if you have not read it yet


Chapter 2: Helpers Club

As his mom slowly opens her eyes she realizes that she is in a hospital bed with Blake sleeping at a chair next to her bed
"I love you" as she whispered to Blake 
Blake slowly opens his eyes and was surprised that his mom is awake
"Mom! I was so worried, the doctor said that you haven't eaten yet" as Blake said to her
"Sorry to make you worry Blake, Blake--Do you miss your dad?" as she asked him nervously
"Why that all of a sudden? You know that he left us without saying anything." as he replied with a angry voice
-Door opens-
Doctor comes in
"Akane Baker?" As the doctor interrupts
"Yes?" as she replied
"We have come to a conclusion that you fell unconscious due to a lack of food and sleep, be sure to take a full sleep tonight. You may leave the hospital"
"Thank you for your care, doctor Ikkigaya" as she looked at the doctors badge


"I have this feeling of being familiar with him, but i just cant remember" as Alisya is thinking
she went to her closet and grabbed a box only to find a torn piece of paper
written "ve you" and in the back "meet again"
as she was admiring it she started slightly crying
"I hope he still knows me" while crying
she slapped her face smoothly to regain focus
"I'm just mistaking things, B-but he comes from england. N-no its a huge place its impossible!" as she quietly talks to herself
-Phone ringing-
she picks up her cellphone
"Hello?" as she asks who the caller was
"Oh mom, how is it? are you fine?"
"What?! you went to the famous restaurant i was asking you to go to?"
"Don't forget to buy me some souvenirs once you come back."


"Good morning, Blake!" as Haruko greeted Blake in the classroom
"Hey, Hako" as he replied
"i heard that you went to the hospital just recently?" as Haruko asked him
"W-well, yeah. Don't worry i'm doing just fine" Blake replied
"Mhmm.. Okay, I'm glad nothing happenned." as he said with a concerned voice
"Oh! Blake i almost forgot. You should join a club soon!"
"Really? What kind of clubs are there?" as he asked curiously
"There are Literature, Art, Manga and where i am a member of: The Helpers Club" as he answered
"Helpers Club? What do you do?"
"Well, its as it sounds like. We help students who are in need of one. I think you should join!" as he answered him
Alisya interrupts
"C-c-can i-i join t-too? The helpers club i mean..." as she asked nervously
"Oh sure!.....wait...¨WHAT!¨" as they were surprised to hear
"Well.. i am not in any club. I might as well join one." as she replied
"Okay then. you guys can join. as i, Haruko Ryouichi. Club President Helpers Club accepts both of you as my new members"
"Wait Hako... i haven't decided yet..." as he replied
Haruko makes a sad face
"Okay fine, I'll join." he said
Alisya Blushes

Sign:[Helpers Club]
"Welcome to the club room, Alisya and Blake!" as he opened the clubroom door
"Okay, Everyone please welcome Alisya and Blake. Our new members!" as he introduces them to a table with 3 stuffed toys sitting on the chairs
As Alisya and Blake were obviously surprised 
Haruko introduced his ¨Members¨ to each other
"So guys, This is Blake and Alisya. Blake, Alisya these are the other members i was talking about. The bear is Ursu-chan, The rabbit is Bun-chan and finally my one and only Pan-chan" as he pointed the bear, rabbit and panda stuffed toys
The room suddenly went quiet for quite some time
"I thought you said Ursu-chan helped you carry the candies, when you accidentally torn the pack?" as Blake asked
"Well yeah, look!" as haruko went to Ursu-chan
He took ursu-chan and opened a zipper located at his back only to find a treasure of candies
"Ahh... i see" as he said awkwardly 
Alisya decided to play along and sat next to Bun-chan while Blake took a chair and sat next Haruko
"Nice to meet you, Bun-chan. Looking forward to work with you." as Alisya tried
"She is indeed mysterious huh, Blake?" as Haruko whispered to Blake
Door opens
Everyone looked at the door to see who came
Student comes in
"U-um, Senpai. can you help me? i got a problem. the teacher said i can come here" as the girl asked nervously
"Sure! sit next to pan-chan" as Haruko pointed to an empty chair
"i-im Class 1-B Yuuki Michirou" as she introduced herself
"These are Blake, Alisya, Pan-Chan, Ur-" as Haruko was cut off by Blake while introducing the ¨members¨
"So Yuuki, how can we help you?" as Blake asked
"U-um somebody stole my shoes while i was at my swimming class. And left this note behind" as she answered Blake
it reads [If you want to see the pair again, go to where I treasure the treasures -C]
As Haruko, Blake and Alisya read it
"Is this some kind of prank, by a fellow student maybe?" as Blake proposed
"N-no Senpai, as i already talked about it with the class and teachers." Yuuki said
"So, our culprit has some serious reasons to do this" Alisya said
"Okay, we will help you. so, When did this happen?" Haruko asked
"The third period" she replied
"Does this often happen?" Blake asked
"Not really, The last time something was stolen in a similar way was i think 3 weeks ago. i mean someone left a note too. this the first time i saw it in person though" as Alisya replied
"The stolen item was a screw from the carpentry club, the screw was unscrewed from a shelf and caused it to collapse" as Haruko informed
"Hako, Do you know what that note states, or do you have a copy of it?" as Blake asked
"Wait, I think i have a copy here. as i helped the case then"
Hako stood and took a folder out the shelf
he opened the folder and took out a paper
he showed it to Alisya and Blake
it reads [As i threw the one and only to where i have been -C]
as they finished reading it
"So what happened next?" as Alisya asked
"We couldn't do anything. as it was found in a trashcan by a club member" as he answered
"Mhmm.. i think i know why its in the trashcan" as Blake figured something out
"What? did you?" Haruko replied with curiosity
"As i threw the one and only where i have been, We suppose the screw is the one and only right?" as Blake questioned
"Yes" Alisya said
"its seems as easy as it sounds but i think there is a connection between the trashcan and the word been, because both these letters were written in English. what is the synonym of trashcan?" says Blake
"Trashbin" as three of them answered
"U-um senpai, how can this help my case?" as Yuuki asked
"Well now we know that this our culprit C uses the English language to hide the missing items" as Alisya answered
"Lets take a look again at your note" as Blake asked Yuuki
"If you want to see the pair again, go to where I treasure the treasures -C" as Haruko read it out loud
"Lets take the pair as our stolen item: your shoes, i just cant find out what he meant by Treasure the treasures" Blake said
"Locker" said Alisya
"Locker? what do you mean, locker?" Haruko asked
"This is a school right? where do you put your valuable items non-other than your locker." as Alisya explained
"I thought of a bag first but when it said treasure, it sparked that people normally don't carry their treasures around" as Blake replied
"So shall we continue this to the lockers area?" as Haruko asked
"sure, lets go!" as they replied


As they were at the locker room
They were surprised at the number of lockers
"A-are we going to search it one by one?" as Haruko asked
"Well, maybe we can get a clue where it is by reading the letter again." as Blake said
Once they read it again
"Do you know who has lunch break at that time as our school has different lunch breaks per class" as Alisya asked
"Judging how the system works, there are three classes in the first year. So the high probability is that its someone from 1-A" as Haruko said
"So judging how the school prioritize the first years, it might as well be the lockers 0-108" as Alisya said
"So it leaves it at 0-36, as class 1-A are the ones first assigned to have these lockers" as Blake replied
"Wow! you two seem working together really good!" as Haruko complimented them
Alisya and Blake started to blush
"Okay, lets check for open lockers." as Haruko started to look for it
they started to look for the locker
Yuuki opened an unlocked locker [#032]
"S-senpai! i found it!" as she was surprised
she took out her pair of shoes and found a note inside the locker
Letter: [Congrats! You found the treasure. -C]
"I'll be keeping the letter, as we further examine who the culprit was." as Haruko held the note
"S-senpai, Thank you so much!" as Yuuki thanked them
"Its fine, we're glad to help. as it keeps our club alive" as Haruko said


As Alisya, Blake and Haruko were back at the clubroom
"We need to know who this C is, as we now have a clue that these incidents are connected." as Haruko proposed
"Can we ask tomorrow who the locker was from? Locker #032." said Alisya
"Mhmm.. i think that would be the best choice, I'll ask the administrators tomorrow then. as there are no more teachers around this late" says Haruko  
Blake took his bag and looked at the clock [17:03]" 
"it is already late, i need to go now. See you tomorrow" as he left the room in a rush
Both Alisya were curious why he left suddenly
"Alisya, You can go now too. I just need to file these first" as Haruko showed the letters he got
"See you tomorrow, Haruko" as Alisya said her farewell
Alisya took her bag and also left
"Those two seemed to be at ease when together, Alisya & Blake." as he was thinking
"I think i should leave too, Bye Pan-chan, Ursu-chan, Bun-Chan. See you Tomorrow"
Haruko closed the door


Submitted: October 25, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jayke Goma. All rights reserved.

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