Diant's origin

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(this is my first story here. don't judge me too harshly. I hope you guys like it.) this is a story of what happened to Diant. How he emerged from his creator. If there's something you don't understand, that's ok. It's part of a bigger series I'm writting. I hope you enjoy!... I just realized... I don't know how long is a short story. so sorry if it's too long.

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



"When one dies, another is created."


“We have all gathered here to mourn after the death of our beloved friend. Tragic as it was, to die doing his job.” The priest spoke in front of a crowd, inside a funeral home. “Ugh. My head…” Thought Diant. “Where am I? Why is it so dark in here? Huh? I hear a voice.” The Priest continued to speak, “He told us that when he died, that we should all smile. Not because he isn’t here. Not because we cannot see him anymore. But, because he was with us in our lives, in our hearts forever.” Feeling depressed, Diant thought to himself, “That is so sad… wait… this is really dark. Am I in a COFFIN?!” Diant began to push his way out of the coffin. The priest didn’t notice and said, “Let us all pray for him.” “Get me outta here!!!” Diant continued. Then, a boy saw the coffin move and reported to the priest, “Umm. Priest? There seems to be movement in the coffin.” Diant yelled with all his might, “Get. Me. Out!!!” the crowd noticed the commotion beginning in the coffin. Suddenly, the coffin window slammed open. Diant reached his hand out to open the rest of the coffin. Everyone was in shock. “He, HE’S ALIVE!!!” Someone in the crowd shouted. Everyone then, was speechless. “Where am I?” Diant began to question. Diant slowly realized that he had no idea on what’s going on, or about whom he is. The only thing he remembers is that his name is Diant and that he woke up in a coffin. Everyone didn’t dare to answer Diant’s question. They were still shocked. Then, the priest pleaded, “J-Jared!? You’re ALIVE!!!” Diant looked around to try to find another coffin. There was no other coffin. So, Diant thinks the priest is referring to him. “Me?” Diant said, “I’m sorry but, I’m not Jared.” Diant didn’t recognize the priest so, he told him, that his name is Diant.” The priest looked at Diant confused. “Jared. This is no time for your fantasies again! You just came back from the DEAD!!” The priest told Diant. “What do you mean by ‘fantasies’? And I told you, my name is Diant.” Diant stepped out of the coffin and faced the priest. Suddenly, a woman hugged Diant. Diant reacted by slamming her down on the ground. “Oww! Jared!?!? What is wrong with you?!” The woman yelled at Diant. Diant, still in a fighting stance, asked the woman, “Who are you? And stop calling me Jared, everyone!!!” The woman got up and asked, “Don’t you recognize me?” Diant lowered his defenses a bit and shook his head. The woman stared at Diant’s eyes, realizing that they’re ruby red. The woman took some steps back. She looked pale. Diant began to worry. “Woman, what’s wrong?” The woman whispered to herself, “Oh my god. It worked.” The woman took Diant’s hand and ran out of the funeral home and into her car. Everyone watched, wondering what is going on? Meanwhile, Diant got in the car. “What is happening?!” Diant yelled. “Put your seatbelt on.” Without hesitation and without question, Diant did as he was told. The woman accelerated quickly and left the parking lot and into the streets. “Could someone please tell me what the hell is going on?!” Diant fussed. “You said your name was Diant right?” The woman asked. “Yes?” Diant said. “My name is Michelle. We’re going back to your lab to check on something.” Diant thought to himself, “I have a lab?” Then, Diant started asking Michelle, “Could you tell me what I was doing in a coffin? Seriously! And who the hell is Jared? Is it ME or what?” Michelle hit the speed limit and began to explain during the trip. “Diant… How do I put this? Jared is or at least were you. Jared died trying to finish his ‘Grand Experiment’ as he called it, and died during the process. He was a neurologist, an anatomist, a man who would study anything about the human body and its consciences. He keeps saying that he made a conscience named Diant and wants to give it a separate body and life to it. I don’t know much about the experiment he was doing.” Diant thought for a second before asking Michelle, “Hmm… So, I’m guessing that we’re going back to his lab right?” Michelle parked in front of a building. She took off her seatbelt and responded to Diant, “Correct. Now let’s go.” Diant remained calm and followed Michelle to the building. In front of the entrance, stood a sign that reads: ‘Jarvis’ Research and Library.’ “Ahem.” Coughed Michelle. “Jared was also an author.” “Ah.” Diant thought. As the two entered the building, a man in a gray lab coat was holding a lot of papers and didn’t see the two. So, the man smacked against Diant. “I’m sorry sir. I just…” The man stopped himself and stared at Diant who was immediately picking up the fallen papers. “No, sir. I’m sorry. I should’ve looked.” The man was still in shock at the presence of Diant. Diant noticed the man staring at him. “…What? Do I have something on my face?” Diant asked. The man hugged Diant. “I guess Jared must’ve known this guy too.” Diant thought as he awkwardly accepted the hug. “Bu-bu-but I thought you were dead! I SAW YOU DIE!!! Michelle? Am I hallucinating?” Michelle chuckled and responded, “Long story, Mike. Do you know where Jared’s lab is?” The man in the gray coat named Mike, nodded. “Well of course! Follow me.” Michelle whispered on Diant’s ear, “Mike is a co-worker. He really loves your- I mean, Jared’s work.” Diant slowly began to understand. Michelle explained to Mike what happened and what she believed happened to Diant. “Oh, so you’re saying that this isn’t Jared?” Michelle somewhat agreed. “Well, yeah. This is a conscience, he had named Diant.” The three finally arrived at Jared’s lab. Diant began to look for notes about the Grand Experiment. Michelle and Mike helped too. After hours of searching, Diant found a camera. Diant checked its contents and found a series of video logs. “Michelle! Mike!” Diant called out the two. “Come check this out!” Diant began to play the first video. “Day one of umm… this… experiment. Yeah… umm… Sooooo…. I want to create a body for my friend Diant. Sure, he seems imaginary to you guys, but I think he’s very much real. Just got to extract him. So, uhh. As you can see here. That is where the brain stores all the imagination and stuff. Ima check it out by using this donated brain. Ugh. It’s squishy. Logging out.” Diant sighed after watching the video. Then, he played another one that reads: ‘Progress!’ “Day umm. Yo! Mikey!! What day is this? …23rd? Ok! So this must be umm… Day 31! Sorry, I'm not good at keeping track of time. So, if you read the title, this is a small breakthrough on my research. My friend, Tony Torrez, told me about how memories are just electricity passing through the brain. Each memory has a specific pattern and to delete them, you need to stop the brain by killing it, shock ‘em out, or by letting it take its course and die out, which means we forget over time. Heh, difference is I forget time! Hahahaha! So why is this important? Well, y’see, imagination does the same thing. So, if I could extract it without stopping the process, I basically extracted a conscience… This is gonna take A LOT of work. Logging out!” Diant checked the list of logs, reading each and every one of their names. Finding something that seemed important about his past. Then, Diant found one that reads, ‘I did it!’ The three got curious and played the video. “*Sigh.* Day freakin’ 2316… Still no progress. Diant cannot be created. *Slam!* *Sigh.*… Oh no, no, no, no, no!!!! I did it again! The virus got in! ...Y’know what? I’m not gonna do anything about it. Let’s just waste a MULTIBILLION DOLLAR PROJECT!!!!! I need my coffee. Where’s my coffee!!... What? ...What is this- …I…? Are you SEEING THIS!?! There is a SIGNAL! A SIGNAL!!! Guys! You know what this means?!? I finally did it! I CREATED DIANT’S CONSCIENCE!!! All this work finally paid off! I-Is this the virus’ doing? Was the virus, Diant’s conscience? Lemme check……. IT FREAKING IS!!! This virus was the answer! Man, if I knew that, it would’ve saved me a year of work! *Sigh.* Ima go celebrate. Logging off! WHOOOO!!!” Michelle interrupted, “So, that’s why he was like that the other day.” Diant stared at the screen. He was witnessing his own birth. Diant smiled upon this. Then, 3 videos before that, there was the last video. Unlike the rest of the videos, this one had a date on it as the title. Mike noticed this. “This must be the recent one.” Mike realized. Diant was afraid to play the video. And yet, a part of him wants to know what happened. Diant played the last video and braced himself for what he was about to see. “Day 2319… Tomorrow, Ima end these logs and show the whole world what I created. In fact… Meet: Diant, Jocelyn, Anayll, and Illyana! You all met Diant so, here’s the other three! I made them from the same genetic material. Sooo… you could say that they’re sisters! Now, the bodies can’t last for more than a week at tops in our current condition. So, Ima place them here in these… hold on… Yeah? Who dis? What? ...Hey, wait a sec! You can’t just… What do you want? No! Don’t do this to me! I worked HARD to create this!!! *Crash!* Oomph! Stop this!!! AHHH!!!” everyone went silent after the video ended. Someone murdered Jared. Luckily, the murderer didn’t notice the camera. Jared was electrocuted to death. Michelle let out tears as she saw the scene. Diant, on the other hand, noticed something. “Mike. Go back a few seconds back.” Mike rewinds the video. “There! Stop.” Diant examines the video closer. “You see that?” Diant points at the video. “That green goo. If we go back a bit more…” Mikes starts to rewind the video only a few seconds back. “We see a tag on it.” Mike and Michelle noticed the tag. “It reads…Diant!” Both exclaimed. Diant continued, “Now I am no scientist. But, I think that this goo was my conscience. Now add that to the fact that Jared was electrocuted.” Mike continued Diant’s sentence, “You reverse the effect of extracting a conscience!” “Yes, but, I’m guessing you erase the original one too.” Michelle added. Mike asked Diant, “Diant, do you feel anyone or anything talking to you in your head?” Diant replied, “If you’re asking me that if I still have Jared’s conscience, then no. I am sorry.” Michelle and Mike were depressed. Diant looked around. “What are you searching for?” Diant found what he wanted to find. “This.” Diant placed three canisters on a nearby table. “Remember these?” Diant asked. The canisters had a tag on each one. “It’s the sister consciences!” Michelle exclaimed. Mike checked the canisters. They’re still intact! Fascinating!” Diant then said, “Now, the killer electrocuted Jared and left. So, that means, that he didn’t touch anything else. Michelle, look in that chamber!” Michelle opened the chamber and found four bodies. “There it is.” Diant found a body with a tag with his name on it. “I’m guessing this was supposed to be my body.” Suddenly, a part of the floor began to sink and a new floor rose with a chair on it. The lights from the lab dimmed. Then, a T.V. appeared from the ceiling. The T.V. played a video. “Welp, log dead. Am I right? Heh. I Knew I was gonna die. So, in a last attempt to create Diant, I invented this. I injected myself with Diant’s conscience. It will only activate if I die from I don’t know. A shot on the head, cancer… anything but old age. Seriously. The body can only live for a limited time. So, if I die… Diant. If you can hear me, there’s a plug on the back of that desk over there. Hopefully, I synced this video. What I want you to do is, inject your body that I made for you with the liquid conscience in the frontal lobe of the brain.” Diant began by doing that. “The needles are on the desk.” Diant found the needle. He collected the remaining liquid and pierced the body to inject the liquid. “If you already done it, well good. Now, place the body on the chair and strap it on very, very securely.” With the help of Mike, Diant carried the body and continued the process. “And finally… Go to that plug I told you about, place it on the back of my head, and turn the power on… basically, kill yourself again… if I tried to kill myself… hopefully I didn’t” Diant yelled, “WHAT?!?!” “The plug will transfer the electricity onto the new body. Trust me. If this doesn’t work… Well…I don’t know. This is tough. But please do it. I believe this is gonna work.” Michelle looked at Diant worried. “Don’t do it.” She told Diant. Ignoring Michelle, he placed his hand on the switch. “I have full faith in you… Don’t let me down!” Michelle screamed, but it was too late. Diant already pulled the switch. The lights dimmed and the chair started shacking out of control. Suddenly, the lights brightened. The chair stopped shacking. Diant’s body was steaming. Suddenly, Diant started twitching. The process worked. Diant now has his own body. “OOOOOOOWWW!” Diant yelled in pain. “What’s with this process? Couldn’t Jared find another way to…?” Diant realized that his voice is deeper than before. Diant looked around and found himself, strapped down on a seat. Shocked at the moment, Michelle and Mike stared at Diant. Diant was happy. “It worked!!!!” Diant yelled. Mike unstrapped Diant. “I have my own body now!” Diant bear hugged Mike who was trying to catch a breath. “Umm, Diant?” Mike choked, “Your body is too strong.” Diant realized Mike’s condition and released him. “Oh, sorry.” Meanwhile, Michelle was carrying the body of Jared. “So, this means, Jared is gone now.” Michelle worried. Diant walked over to Michelle and carried Jared’s body over to the chamber. “Well, I will not let my brother’s body decay any longer.” Diant placed Jared’s body on the chamber. “Brother?” Mike and Michelle questioned. Diant grabbed Anayll’s body and strapped it on the chair. “What? Would you prefer me calling him my creator, my father or something related?” Mike and Michelle shrugged. “Well, I owe my life to him. So, he’s my sworn brother. Also, pay attention to the video.” Mike and Michelle looked at the screen to see that it’s still playing. “Like I said, I’m not sure if this would work but, on the bottom of the canister, there’s an outlet. Place the plug on the outlet and… well, you know.” Diant followed the directions and pulled the switch. The lights dimmed again and the same thing happened as if it did to Diant. When the lights returned to normal, Anayll started twitching. Anayll woke up. A half an hour later, Anayll, Jocelyn, and Illyana came to life. Confused at the situation, they asked Diant what is happening. “Anayll, Jocelyn, Illyana… Look up at the screen.” Diant told the sisters. “Well, if the process worked as I hoped, Congratulations! If it didn’t, say good-bye to a multibillion dollar project. Anayll, Jocelyn, Illyana, and Diant… I love you all, and I hope you all have normal lives. Go to the federal bank and withdraw each a billion dollars. There’s an I.D. in your pockets. They have your registered names. Go and be free. Well, I’m running outta battery on this thing. So, good-bye! Log out. Peace!” The video ended. The T.V. retreated back to the ceiling. “Daddy?” Illyana cried. Everyone in the room had tears in their faces. Then, Diant finally exclaimed, “No. This can’t end here! If he gave us life, I’m sure that we can bring him back!” Michelle stood up. “Diant is right! We have to take down his killer and bring him back to life. For Jared!” Everyone, including Mike, cheered, “FOR JARED!!!” Anayll, Diant, Illyana, and Jocelyn went to the bank and receive a billion dollars each. “With this money, we could hire a professional detective.” Jocelyn exclaimed. Diant already explained everything about what happened so, they won’t be confused. “I’m sure this is more than enough, but who do we hire?” Suddenly, the federal bank blacked out. “Don’t worry Illyana.” Diant tried to comfort her. “Everything will be alright.” Then, the lights brightened again. Diant, Anayll, Illyana, and Jocelyn weren’t in the federal bank anymore. Instead, the group found themselves in another building. “What’s going on?” Jocelyn was scared. “Don’t worry.” The room seems to fit an abandoned lab. “Oh, But you should worry.” A mysterious voice appeared out of nowhere. The sisters were hiding behind Diant. Diant bravely yelled, “Who are you? Show yourself!” Suddenly, a figure appeared from a dark spot. Diant realized it was the same murderer that killed Jared. “Oh no.” Diant thought. “You seem to recognize me… Diant.” Diant took a fighting stance. Unlike Jared, Diant has years of experience in kickboxing. Another thing that Jared added to Diant. “How do you know my name?” Diant scowled. “I know ALL about you. Now, you don’t know me, and I won’t tell you who I am, but we will meet once more.” The killer calmly told Diant. Diant was even more enraged. “I don’t care if you knew god! I will take you down!” The killer laughed when he heard that. “As a matter of fact, I did know a being known as: The Author. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I guess you want to kill me.” The killer reached onto his pocket. Diant thought it was a gun so, he braced himself. Instead, the killer took out a canister. The tag reads: ‘Jared’s emergency spare.’ Diant realized what it was. The killer laughed once more. “Y’know, you got lucky with your conscience having a reverse effect on Jared. Oh, but what if, I don’t know, someone accidently broke it and leave it exposed? Oh? Did I hit a nerve?” Diant was pissed. “Why did you do it?” Diant asked. “Hmm? Why?” the killer taunted. “ANSWER THE DAMM QUESTION!” Diant yelled. “Calm down Diant. You’re scaring the poor girls.” The killer grinned. Diant turned around and found that the sisters were scared out of their minds. Diant calmed down a bit. But, the killer rushed towards Diant with a knife on his neck. Illyana screamed. The killer laughed and whispered on Diant’s ear, “Do you really want to know? It’s because I felt like it. I felt like taking out the world’s first human to ever create life out of a mere conscience. No one paid me, no one forced me. In fact, I’m just like you. Created by Jared. But, I was created to kill. Mmmmh. The word: ‘Kill’ makes me feel all tingly inside.” The killer backed away from Diant’s ear to see if there would be fear within his eyes. Diant stood his ground and looked at the killer with rage in his eyes. Diant’s eyes grew brighter with red. “I am not afraid of you.” Diant spit on the Killer’s face. The killer licked it clean off. “Now, call me a psychopath, but I will enjoy killing you. So, much for ever seeing you again.” Just then, Anayll grabbed a shard of glass that was nearby and dug it deep within the killer’s cheek. The killer screamed in pain. Then, Diant quickly removed the blade off his neck and roundhouse kicked the killer. The sisters ran towards the exit and hid there. “You wanna fight? I’ll give you a fight!” Diant growled. The killer removed the glass from his face. “Heh, but I brought a knife to a fist fight.” The killer swung his blade at Diant. Diant dodged the blade and proceeded to punch the killer in the face. The killer managed to cut Diant on the arm and the stomach. Yet, Diant didn’t seem to care. Diant took down the killer with an uppercut. With the killer down and unconscious, Diant took out the container from the killer, found some rope, and tied down the killer. Before Diant left, the killer woke up and taunted, “Heh, why?” Diant turned his attention back to the killer. “Why didn’t you kill me? I thought you wanted revenge.” Diant told the killer, “I never wanted revenge. Jared wouldn’t want that.” The killer laughed manically. “That’s the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard!” The killer began to laugh harder. Diant couldn’t take much more so, he knocked the killer out. “You are annoying.” Diant said. Diant went to attend the sisters. “Girls, it’s alright.” Diant calmed them down. “Everything is ok. I promise. The girls hugged Diant. Diant returned the hugs. When the group left the building, a group of policemen pointed their guns out at Diant. “The one you’re looking for is tied up at room 405.”  The policemen lowered their guns. Next, a squad of police entered the building and found the killer all tied up. Later that day, the sheriff of the town congratulated Diant for his work. “Good job, Diant! We’ve been searching for this man for almost 2 years. In fact, if it wasn’t for you, next week would make it 3! It’s a darn shame that he killed the miracle worker, Dr. Aguilar.” Diant shook the sheriff’s hand. “Don’t worry about Jared. He’s still alive. You just wait.” The sheriff didn’t understand what he meant by that. “Is this one of his experiments about building a new life out of nothing sort of nonsense?” The sheriff questioned. Almost everyone in town knew what Jared was capable of. And almost everyone never saw what he did for them… Or do they? “I swear that man is almost playing god with his inventions.” Diant grinned and replied, “Yes, but it’s because he’s playing god that is going to bring him back to life. Like I said, you just wait and see.” Diant left the sheriff. But, before the sheriff could leave Diant, he asked him, “If what you’re saying is true, tell him I said hi for me and that I’m still keeping my promise to him. Ok?” Diant nodded and left. Later on, Mike and Michelle found Diant and the sisters. “Ohmygosh! Are you all alright?” Michelle hugged the sisters and worried. “We heard what happened. We were looking for you all.” Mike added. Diant smiled it off and responded. “The girls were fine and unharmed. I didn’t let Jared’s killer get near them. I just managed to come out with minor cuts. Nothing fatal.” Mike asked Diant in a serious tone, “How did you know that the killer was in the federal bank?” Diant shrugged. “We didn’t actually. But, something happened. When we were at the bank, the lights blacked out. When they came back on, we were in an abandoned lab. The killer seems to know me, Jared, and his research.” Jocelyn nodded. “It was disturbingly freaky.” Jocelyn commented. “Well, we’re glad you’re all alright.” Michelle brightened. Diant finally added, “Oh I almost forgot!” Diant removed the canister from his pocket and showed it to Michelle and Mike. “If I’d know better, I’m guessing this is Jared’s conscience!” Mike observed. Diant nodded. “C’mon, let’s go back to the lab!” Diant and the gang rushed back to the lab. When they reached the lab, Diant and Mike took out Jared’s body from the chamber and strapped it onto the chair. “Ok, I think this is the process.” Mike said as he repeatedly spoke to himself the details of the process. Diant rushed back to the plug and connected the canister to the plug. “Everyone ready?” Diant asked. Everyone nodded. Just as Diant was about to pull the switch, the lab got brighter for Diant. Diant found himself in a completely empty room. “Hi Diant.” A voice called. Diant seemed to recognize the voice. “It’s me. Jared.” Diant looked around to see if he could find the source of the voice. The source was behind him. Diant, out of surprise, punched Jared in the face. “Oh, sorry.” Diant apologized. Jared laughed it off. “No need. Wow, you’ve got an arm.” “Weren’t you dead? How are you speaking to me?” Diant questioned Jared. Jared brushed off his nose to check for blood. Luckily for him, there wasn’t. “Call this a call from the future. You have a big role to attend to. I’m sorry, but you won’t have a normal life if you do this. Hey, I’m complaining. You’re bringing me back to life. But, this is a warning for you, Jocelyn, Anayll, and Illyana. This won’t be the last time you will see me or the killer.” Diant took a minute to process what Jared told him. “The killer… he knows you.” Diant warned. Jared smiled. “I know. I don’t know him… I got a favor to ask of you.” Diant listened at the favor. “I want you to take good care of those girls. Don’t ever betray them. Stay close to them for the time being. The Jared you’re about to recreate, doesn’t know about this or me. His next project will be creating a dimensional portal. Help Jared complete this. Seal this timeline.” Diant didn’t understand what he meant about sealing the timeline, but he has a feeling that he will one day. Diant agreed to the favor, which seemed more like a promise to him. And so, Diant treated it like a promise. “Good, Ima let you go for now. Go and finish what you’re doing. We’ll talk later. Ok?” Jared told Diant. “Ok. I will.” Diant ended the conversation. Just then, the lights dimmed back to normal. “Diant! What’chu waiting for?” Illyana yelled in slang. Diant confidently pulled the switch and watched as Jared, his sworn brother came back to life.


The end…



Meanwhile, back at the prison. The new guard went to check on the killer. For some reason, the killer’s name isn’t registered anywhere. No one could identify who this man was. As he opened a little window, the guard noticed that the killer was gone. The guard called for back-up and entered the Killer’s cell. The only thing left from the killer was a note that reads:

 ‘Hahahaha! Nothing can seal me away from my destiny. Good-bye new guard, Zack. I hope you find another job.


  • The Deity’s Shadow

“Oh man, the boss is gonna end me!” The guard whimpered. What would this killer do out loose in the world? Back at the lab, Jared continued his work. It was late night. Everyone has left home. Everyone, except Jared… And Paul the office worker… He still lives with his mother. Jared pulled out a secret combination and pressed it on what looked like regular tiles to anyone else. Suddenly, one of the walls opened, leading to a secret room. Jared entered the room and checked on his secret project. Jarvis. His son. The truth is, as Jared created Diant all those years, he secretly created Jarvis. Jarvis was the origin source of why he started his research. He wanted to give life back to his only son who died along with his mother during birth. Jared created Jarvis out of his son’s DNA. Now ready to ‘rebirth’ Jarvis, Jared pulled a switch. Jarvis came to life. Except this time, Jarvis didn’t come to conscience until an hour later. But, Jared was happy either way. Jared got in a call with Dr. Torrez. “EY! TONY!!! IT WORKED!!!” The sound of the two happy professors filled the room. “Good job Dr.! You and I both!” “You’re telling me that Project Adam is finished?!” “My boy is breathing and alive!” “Mine is still unconscious. “Same here man.” “Hey, from one doctor to another, can you copy me the files of Adam? I want to create similar beings called ‘files’.” “Sure thing Jared. Just do me a favor.” “Wassup?” “Make sure my Adam has a normal life.” “I’ll make it my top priority.” “Good! Oh! My boy is waking up!” “Great! I will bring my child to meet yours! I got to go too. C’ya later!” “You too Jared.”

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