Russian Love

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This is a mixture of 2 famous russian forklore... except, different in a way. A story about a young merchant and a sailor. I hope you guys like it... and tell me if you figured out the forklore it's based on.

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



There was a girl named Katy. She was a small-time traveling merchant at the island called: Sakhalin Island. The island is known for it's rye fields and other crops. Katy was just an ordinary merchant. She'd been a merchant since her father died. So, she had to take care of herself since, Katy's mother died when she was born. One day, Katy was walking to a river bay near some rye fields. It was near nighttime. Ready to end the day. Until, a man named Koroben found Katy. Koroben walked torwards Katy. "Excuse me Miss." Koroben asked Katy. "Do you happen to Know where is Khabarovsk Island? My mates and I got lost and we're running a bit late." Katy nodded and responded in a sweet voice, "Travel to Ohka which is north on this island. Travel northwest and there it is." Amazed at the directions, Koroben took notes of the direction and thanked Katy. "No problem.' Katy accepted the thanks. But, before Koroben left, Katy asked, "Wait. Before you go, I'm a merchant, I Want to show you my deals. Chintz for 4,000 rubles and brocades as low as 2,500!" Koroben came back to examine the offers. Koroben was intruiged, but he didn't buy anything. "Thank you merchant, but you can't buy love with any currency nor, any cost." Katy was flattered. The night passed, and only the night and the rye fields knows what happened to both of them. Morning came and Katy was set to leave. Koroben held Katy's hand and told her, "At the market, I'm sure that your offers will be sold out. So, I want to make a transation." Katy gleamed and listened to Koroben's deal. "I will buy a turquoise ring for 17,000 rubles." Surprised at the offer, Katy made the transation. "Thank you so mu-!" And before Katy could finish her sentence, Koroben got on his knees and asked, "Dear, you are my first love, I want to make a deal for you." Katy was shocked at this, But she listened. Koroben smiled and offered, "When I come back, Let me marry you and be with you forever no matter what. In return, all I ask of you is to wait for me. Do we have a deal?" Katy shed a tear, but, she responded, "You are my first love too. How long I wait, I don't know." Koroben sighed. But, Katy returned to her responce, "But, I will wait for you, if you promise to love me forever." Koroben brightened and agreed. He placed the ring on Katy's hand and stood. "Before I go-" Koroben said, "What is you name Fair maiden?" Katy looked at Koroben confused. "What? I mean, I didn't hear your question very well." Koroben smiled and responded, "Well, It will be embarrasing if I married someone and I didn't know their name. What is you name?" Katy smiled and said, "My name is Katyusha, But you can call me Katy." Koroben then, said, "Katy... What a beautiful name. My name is Koroben. I look forward to see you again, Katy my love." So then, Koroben left. Katy followed secretly and watched as Koroben boarded the ship. As the ship sailed, Koroben noticed Katy on a hill. Koroben waved at Katy, and Katy did the same. As Koroben predicted, Katy sold all her wares. The next day, Katy got a message from Koroben. Katy and Koroben wrote to each other for months. Telling each other about themselves and other businesses. One day, Katy got a spacial letter. It came with a package. In that package, there was a cage. In that cage, was a Steller's sea eagle with a tag that says, "Reuben". Katy opened the letter and read that Koroben was finished with his business and that he made alot of money. That he used that money to buy an eagle and sent it to Katy as a personal wedding gift. And that he will be back soon. Katy was happy at this. So she walked to the docks of Ohka and waited for Koroben. Little did she know, that Katy will wait for an eternity. Meanwhile, Koroben was once again lost. This time, it was a forest. Koroben found a leutenant and asked him, "Excuse me Leutenant. Do you know where Bolshoy Shantar is? I got lost and I need directions." But, out of cold blood, the Leutenant killed Koroben and stole his money and belongings. Koroben and the Leutenant was never found. Katy still waited at the docks of Ohka. 2 years later, Katy walked to where she first met Koroben. Reuben perched on Katy's arm and Katy held her letters from Koroben closely to her chest. Reuben picked an apple from a nearby tree, and Katy picked a pear also from a nearby tree. Katy sang a song in her native language as she walked torwards the river bay,

"Oh, my crate is so full, I've got chintz and brocade. Take pity, oh sweety, Of this lass' shoulder" I will, I will go out into the tall rye, I will wait there till the night comes, Once I see the dark-eyed lad, I will showcase all my goods. I paid no small price myself, So don't bargain or be stingy, Bring your lips to me, Sit closer to this fine lass. The foggy night has already come, The daring lass awaiting, Hark, it's him! The desired one has come, The merchant is selling her goods, I will haggle with care, He is afraid to pay too much, A lass is kissing her lad, Asking him to raise the price. Only the deep night knows, What they agreed upon. Straighten up now, oh tall rye, And keep their secret scrupulously! Oh, my crate is so light; The strap is no longer cutting into my shoulders! And all my lad took was one turquoise ring."

When Katy finally reached the bay, she placed the letters on a dry rock. Then, Katy made a small raft. Katy grabbed the letters and placed them on the raft. "Reuben," Katy told the eagle, "I want you to find a red salvia and place that on the raft. after that, you can be free. you don't have to do it, but it will be great to know that Koroben left me with a smart and loyal eagle, and that Koroben will be remebered forever." Katy released Reuben and watched him fly. When Reuben was out of sight, Katy leftwith the wind blowing on her hair, continuing to sing her song,

"I had given him a whole piece of calico, A scarlet ribbon for my braids, A little belt—the white shirt to strap on while haymaking. The sweet one put everything back into the box, but for the ring: "I do not want to go around dressed up without a fiancé!" Oh, you foolish young ones! Did he himself not bring the half-flask of sweet vodka? And he did not take the gifts! So stay right here! An unbreakable promise I give: Once I empty the crate, I'll return home, And you, my Sweetheart, To God's church I will lead! All through the rainy night, The young woman runs, And catches up to a grumbling comrade in the village. Old Tihonych swears: "I really thought you were gone!" Vanka only smirks- I sold the chintz!"

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