Biography (Brief) and Update for Introduction to My Memoirs

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This is a draft version of introductory text in explanation for my Memoirs called, tentatively, "An American Carol", "One Fine Day: An American Carol" or any other title I choose to create. This is an update as the crimes have not stopped, nor has anyone from any level of authority approached me to offer assistance by acknowledging the public crimes against me occurred several years ago, and were very serious. Ms. Patricia Louise McGurk

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Bio or Description for Patricia Louise McGurk and Update on Crime

I am a writer, poet and essayist who has never published a book. I plan to travel internationally as I have already written extensively my observations of American life, or life in the United States for many years as an amateur. I plan to sell some of my work now and in the future to support and sustain my life.  I hope to eventually create new works about additional societies, nations or

My real name is not and has never been the name "Patricia McGurk Martin".  It is only a name I was pressured to create during what I believe was public torture of me, in the sense of using to clarify who I am and am not, and to take credit for my original writing.  Much of it has been stolen under the name Patricia McGurk Martin, even though I have clarified many times for years now, on the Internet, that I only used it for this specific purpose, as a "pen name" or "writer's name, nom de pleume" which is not a real name, just is used to protect the privacy of the writer.

Real hate crimes are committed against me (Patricia L. McGurk, including my same name, Patricia Louise McGurk, by often unknown people who hate a person with that name, "Patricia McGurk Martin", and have threatened me. I do not know them and want to advise I will have to take international legal action against the hate crimes in the United States, which include threats from a Canadian woman, if they somehow cannot be stopped, as I have suffered from slander, libel and character assassination crimes for most of my life, crimes unabated no matter how much or often I object.

I have been told that this is a specific type of crime in which a "Slave Entity" or identity that may involved a group of people with a sense of "Timeshares" or group ownership of one person, whom they consider a slave. I advise that I am aware of these crimes that may well be occurring in a concealed sense against me, while they hate someone with the name "Patricia McGurk Martin" -- and may succeed, I was advised, in stealing some of my poems under this name through human slavery crimes -- but will not  proceed further in crimes against me if I warn the public on an internet forum (such as this Booksie site on the World Wide Web) and object, as well as issue a desire to "block", which I have, of any further internet-based or personal communications through Booksie, this website, as they are hate-based or contain threatening language toward me, the private citizen and victim of crimes.

The specific "Mistaken Identity" crime in which almost everything I say or write is stolen, as well as all my money or income never reaches me, just a Social Security deposit for under $1,000 deposited once a month, my total amount of money with which to "support" myself and pay expenses.  I receive nor have I ever received gifts from anyone, anywhere for many years , as the gifts must have been stolen (I have been apprised in the past). Signed by Patricia Louise McGurk, October 25, 2016 (Please communicate with me by writing to the following address: for written email contact on the internet).


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