The Happening After

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A man named Derek Holtzer is on a trip to an abandoned place in Afghanistan. He will have to save himself in order to save the world.

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Some 6-7 months ago I was in an accident. That accident changed my life of how I thought and think of others. Going around the world on experiments, people were different, unique, and because of that one experiment I changed. Brain is a boy who learned how to survive by himself in the wilderness with only a hatchet and that time only a knife. He saved my life, when I went into a coma after getting struck by the incredibly loudest slash of lightning I’ve ever heard. Now whenever I see someone in trouble I go to save them before I do anything else. He is younger than me, but he taught me many things about life. I was terrified at the time and some months after, but now I’ve moved on. In a few days I’ am going on an experiment in a city far far away. Rather another country, I’ am going to Afghanistan. I’ve heard statements from others about the place. Very humid and hot, a lot of sandstorms, not very many people in the area my team and I are headed to. Worst part of all, it is a kill zone.

Five days had passed since I last wrote in the diary, I found out after I signed the paper to go there that it wasn’t just any experiment. It was a deadly virus that accidentally got released in the area, hundreds and hundreds of kilometers got affected. People didn’t get evacuated in time, so they got infected. Did I mention that it was like an apocalypse, to be specific a zombie infested apocalypse. Luckily the government sealed off the area and sent in the best trained marines and seals for situations like so, to go kill off the infected. My part in that whole is they needed me to help them make a formula, or an antidote. We were headed to a safe zone in the area. By we I mean 24 marines and 24 navy seals. Each dressed very uniquely, light brown army suits with dark brown patches on them. Many pockets for knives and equipment like that. Melee weapons, guns ranging from pistols to machine guns. Many items, they all looked professional, and I was the only one with a suit and tie and, as usual a suitcase with me. We are headed there and in some hours we would arrive.

The ocean was a beautiful blue with the hint of green in it. The clouds reflecting it, then came the land. I saw the sand dunes and the wind blowing all the sand east like the strong current of the water. I was watching the scenery when I heard the pilot say something. I couldn’t fully make it out so I just sat there, two navy seals came up to me and forcefully put a parachute on me. Then the next thing I knew was that I was being thrown off the Helicopter’s rear end. I opened up the parachute and when I looked back I saw the helicopter blow up in a million pieces. By then I was some feet above the ground and something slashed into my parachute and I went tumbling to the ground, I had landed on my face. I got the wind knocked out of me, I winced, everything went black, pure black. I don’t know what time I woke up at but by then it was night, I’d say around 12:00. I got up for a second and my brain realized that I couldn’t get up. I was sitting trying to get up with all my might, but nothing, not even a single second that I could stand up.

After a few hours of resting I tried standing up and I actually could. I checked if I had anything on me that I could use to protect myself with, ah ha. A knife that one of the marines had given me on the helicopter. I still had my hiking pack, I had a few items such as, seafood, some cans of beef. Along with a couple bottles of purified water. Some knives, a compass, and a pistol with ammo. I put everything back into the pack, and headed towards the burnt out helicopter. The first things I looked for were radios, satellite phones, or automatic guns with ammo. I found a couple of items, and an automatic gun. I got to my feet with my knife in my pocket and the gun in my hands, and I headed towards the station. Even if I did have a phone it would not work because of the connection problems in the country. Approximately five miles down the dirt road I saw a human just kind of wondering, looking around everywhere, hunched back ripped up clothes. So I decided to go and talk to him, at the time all I was thinking about was how to get to the station, nothing else. Getting up close the him made me feel kind of uneasy, sort of like my guts told me to stay away. Being the person i was, I ignored my gut feeling, and when I came behind him and tapped him on his shoulder saying, “Mister, can you please help me?”. He turned around and I saw it, I saw his hideous and totally deformed face, he had cuts all over his face, one of his cheeks had a bullet hole in it, his eyes bloodshot red. Don’t forget that all occurred in less than three seconds. It looked as if he was standing, sleeping and when he saw me he sprang to life. At this point I wasn’t really sure what to do and started to panic as he started chasing me down the path I had come. I tried stabbing him, I tried shooting him, I tried everything I could think of. At that moment surprisingly my radio also sprang to life and started playing an old song. Then, I heard the creature cry the horrid cries, I can’t explain. I fell to the ground and put my hands to my ears to avoid hearing loss. Some minutes had passed by and the radio had shut off again, I turned to find that the creature had gone, nowhere in sight, no noises, nothing. Silence, too silent.

After walking some hours, rest after each 2 hours, I found a place that looked to be a military outpost. Helipads, Buildings, plane runways. I saw a place that had storage written on it in big black letters. I went towards it, carefully and quietly opened the two huge doors leading to the place itself. Inside I saw smaller rooms on each side with about 20 feet of space to walk in the middle of the huge room, with letters written on them. Such as, M.P, F, G. I didn’t know what they meant so I went in each one, The letters were small words for the whole words. M.P was for Military Packs, so I picked the one I liked the most, black, Then I went to the G section and got what I needed. I found a working military grade radio that worked when I wanted it to. I headed out and decided to check every compartment, there was the watch tower, the office, the bunkers, the storage area, the cabins, and many more. I decided to sleep in the bunkers for the night because it was already past midnight. Waking up the next day was very easy due to how scared I was, the first thing I did was go outside with my gun to check if the creature had come or if there were more of its kind. Nothing in sight, just brown and green. Due to lack of knowledge of the place, I decided to roam freely and go around couple of miles with my weapons.I heard footsteps, like ones in the sand hard and heavy footsteps.

I backed up away from the wall of the building had both hands on the gun one on the trigger ready to shoot any person, ready to turn on my radio to that very song. That old and creepy song, I slowly turned the corner which was right of the door. I saw a man, a very very skinny, old, nice looking man. About in his 70’s or 60's, He had a mustache, very pale skin with patches of red which looked like blood all across his plain white shirt. He was holding an M249, he obviously didn't care if anyone was there because he came out walking loud and didn't look like he cared one bit. I just sneaked up behind him as quietly as I could took out my knife, and busted his head in the concrete wall. When he looked around he screamed and tried to shoot me, but before he could do that I stabbed him in the eye a couple times. I took his gun and put my gun which was a Sks in his hands, I checked him for anything else and his backpack. He only had some food in it which I took, I also found something that looked like a map in his backpack with a red x marked on the northeast. So i decided I would go there because I had a compass, so why not? Some miles of walking and I reached it. It looked like a huge mountain and had an entrance in it, so i decided to go inside the entrance. As soon as I got 30 feet up close to the mountain my radio stopped working, and thats when i heard them.

So I walk in the mountain aware of all the weird and creepy noises coming from inside. I go up a ladder about 40ft off the ground, and I see it, I see them. thousands and thousand just swarmed up at an area, it looked as if someone had been controlling the place but it had shut down. Probably the government to be more specific the military, I walked some 2 feet to my right when 2 metal pieces fall to the metal ground. CLANG..CLINGGG, they all stop and turn around and start running at speeds of up to 50mps at the noise and then they see me. They were clever but not that clever, they tried climbing the ladder but i broke the ladder off. Being the stubborn person I was, I said, "Zombies, lets not meet again.". Right then I started sprinting to my right and bam, the floorboards from where I was standing before start to break and faster and faster start coming in my direction. I have nowhere to go, I'am doomed.


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The Happening After

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