My life

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The story of how my life is behind closed doors and nobody can see it

Submitted: October 25, 2016

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Submitted: October 25, 2016



Once there was this girl and all she wished for was someone who cared she had a mum but she didn't give a shit about her. her mum made her do everything for example look after her 5 year old sister cook clean she's 14 now and feels like she cant cope with life she considers suicide every night she crys herself to sleep most nights she doesn't want to breath she wants to die she's tryed commenting suicide not once but twice and shes ready to again shes trying to sleep but got suicidal thoughts running through her head she feels down all the time shes asked her mum to step up and be a mum but her mum shouted at her shes tryed running away but her mum made her go back she wants to live her life she wants a mum who cares thats not alot to ask for is it? She trys her best but that isnt good enough she used to be strong but now she's not Is everyone blind cant they see what she goes through. Them cuts wear not the cat they wear her she cut herself because of her mum she once cut too deep and almost died because of her mum What is this world coming to a world who can't see the signs of a girl tearing apart inside wanting to end her life dont belive her those cuts wear not the cat she cut those scars on her legs wear her them pills haven't disappeared she overdosed trying to end her pain that rope you found isnt for a project its for her to hang herself open your eyes see the signs try help DONT LET HER DIE!!!!!

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