The Truth About The Mist

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Poem describing the journey of watching a loved one become ill due to smoking. Written for a poetry group I'm part of for the theme of "Hate."

Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016



There was a chill around the household
As I followed you to the door,
And looked out at the midnight
As if i’d never seen it before

Breathing in the crispness
Of the winter atmosphere,
I realize the beauty
Of the untouched world out here

Snow glistening on the branches
Of the oak tree standing strong,
Having undoubted eternal existence
In the place where it belongs

And gazing into the night sky
With a quiet intake of breath,
I see the moon covered by storm clouds
Yet still shinning nevertheless

The light emitting a seemingly soft
And warming sort of glow,
showcasing the serenity
Of the nighttime world below

I smile despite the icy chill
And turn to see your reaction,
About the winter wounder land
Yet you have turned your back a fraction

A small click and a flash of light
Yet no warmth was emitted,
From a small device you pocketed
For a substance you swore you quitted

Serenely climbing through the air
And cascading into a stream,
Was a silverly grey sort of mist
Which in the moonlight seemed to gleam

The mist swirls through
the frosty night breeze
Dancing to its own melody,
I Wonder if you’d indulge in it so
If you knew its intensions of felony

Slowly rising to greet you
The mist builds up with indifference,
Disturbing the once pristine air
Engulfing the un toxic innocence

The mist begins to shadow you
before drifting over to me,
Swaying over the threshold
Unharmful seemingly

But I know the real truth
Of the mist you love to breath,
This is no helpful drug you have
But addictive nicotine

Filling my heart with anger
A pounding in my head,
the smell burning my nostrils
As the mist relentlessly spreads

Tar, arsenic and
the crude oil solvent Benzene,
Poisoning the atmosphere
Deadly destructive unseen

Lung cancer Emphysema
And definite shortness of breath,
All conditions which can await you
And that’s if you escape death

The oak tree standing once so strong
Even seems weakened a little,
The healthy garden my healthy body
Surely slightly more brittle

The moon once shinning on so bold
Is even now masked and hidden,
Too ashamed to see your ways
Which God would want forbidden

This poisoning of your inner core
Is seeling in your fate,
But why pollute the innocent
When it’s not their decision to make

You turn back round to close the door
As indeed it’s very late,
but I know I will be visited
Again by the thing I most hate

Clinging tightly to your clothes
And to your very lungs
And swimming through your bloodstream
Is where chemicals now run

Even climbing the stairs to bed
Can leave you gasping and choking,
This is why I hate to see
A loved one who is smoking...

© Copyright 2018 Rubie Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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