Why She'd Rather Screw Bad Boys

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Here are 5 good reasons why bad boys always get the girl!

Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016



Why She'd Rather Screw Bad Boys

Ok let’s face it. Bad boys are sexy.

It's a fact, beyond some silly stereotype about deep rooted insecurities bla bla bla.

Women (well the straight ones at least) are naturally attracted to men – I mean real masculine type men. For generations we’ve been spoon fed those fairytale stories about the brave knight who rescues the princess in the tower.

We were trained to fall in love with the bad ass – the man who is courageous enough to pursue what he desires, the conquerors.

Fast forward to the 21st century, most people think that bad boys are major jerks. Sure there are those who have evolved into that guy who have mastered the art of wooing the princess through manipulation or what he’ll consider more effective ways of getting in on the real "action".

You know, those men whose motive is not to “rescue” the princess but ease their way into her tower anyway, take what they need and save themself. The point is, most bad boys get the girl some way or the other because every woman loves a bad ass.

 If you’re shaking your head in disgust, I don’t blame you.

Maybe you are the good guy with a girlfriend who deeply adores you, or you’re the girl who is perfectly fine with her cutey pie “Mr Nice Guy” – but these "good guys" are bad asses in some way or the other, and here are 5 reasons why!

1. Bad asses are good in bed.

Well the real ones at least. Most guys who are in healthy, happy relationship with a chick who has a genuine smile on her face is possibly a bad ass between the sheets. Even the ones who have perfected their little professional good guy image, has some dirty little secrets that makes every man wonder exactly how did a guy like him land that totally hot hottie. Bad asses get laid because they are selfless and not afraid to explore new territories and passions to satisfy their women. .

2. Bad asses don’t let anyone, including their girlfriends walk all over them

Every good relationship is based on respect. It’s not about keeping score and giving in to every single darn one of your partner's requests or desires. It’s striking a balance between two mature individuals who are perfectly capable of making a life on their own but choose to spend it with the person that they love. A bad ass guy knows this and set boundaries that enable him to say "no" those crucial moments when his woman becomes too demanding, too critical or even too jealous.

3. Bad asses are faithful

It's a common fact that most relationships can get messy. Real messy. It takes a strong man to maintain love with the same annoying woman who complains about the same annoying things. It takes a real man to discover creative ways of caring for the girl whom he has seen at her ugliest and sometimes boring days, without seeking alternative sources of excitement at the expense of their relationship. In the midst of constant temptation and personal struggles to continuously love unconditionally, only bad ass men are fit enough to survive.

4. Bad Ass men don’t take the easy route

We all know that it’s like a gazillion times less problematic if we told our spouses exactly what they wanted to hear.

“No honey, you are not acting like a spoilt brat because I just love it when you still bring up that one time 5 years ago I arrived 10 minutes later than I told you I would.”

There would be less fights if we kept secrets or told white lies simply to keep our lives drama free. Real bad boys are bold enough to put honesty first and brave enough to say what’s on his mind, and admit when he is wrong.

5. Bad asses don’t punk out

Bad boys are persistent as hell. They are like well oiled machines with a will power on overdrive to conquer and accomplish what they set out to do. Bad asses face challenges head on because to them, failure is not an option.

They do what they need to do to get the job done whether it’s ditching their old bachelor habits to grow up to become the man that they need to be or fighting the good fight to ensure that their families are well taken care of. They never crack under pressure and abandon you in the times when you need them the most, because the real men are good guys with a bad ass spirit.


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