When the heroes are no more

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War with the qui, an unforgiving race of mutated wolf like creatures, looms, veccum has no choice, he allowed himself to be captured, taken deep into the enemy territory to undergo the transformation from human to qui, but he will not go down, not without a fight.

Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016



(Part 1 of 3) Veccum looked down at his daughter, her torn and mucked up clothes, still wet from the harsh rain, clung to her, he knelt down, pressing the palm of his hand to her cheek "Do not fear dear, Haven has a plan for us" He smiled warmly, he never believed in gods, although his daughter did. The sentence was interrupted by the grip end of a sword, it was a wolf like creature, human shaped yet....the features of a wolf. A green liquid spewed from it's mouth as it hissed at veccum, behind it was a long strip of them, standing opposite each other leaving enough room in between them for someone to walk through. Veccum patted his daughters head as she was escorted away, in exchange for his life the qui agreed to allow her a headstart before the "hunters" were released, he watched as the drop ship flew off. He sighed, turning to face the two rows of qui standing parralel to each other, holding a long spear, pointing it up. He began to walk along the row, he neared a qui holding an axe, as he drew closer the executioner drew a smaller knife, which he than sliced the skin on his palm and let his blood ooze onto the axe, one drop was all it took, one drop of qui blood on an open wound would seal your faith, within 3 hours you would surcome to the sickness, mutating into a monster. As he took his place next to the executioner, he bowed his head, opening the palm of his hand to reveal a necklace, one made from clay, The sound of the spears being banged against the hard concrete ground grew as he felt the axe on his neck, he closed his eyes as he felt the axe lift, the executioner then swung the axe aiming for veccum's neck, veccum's eyes darted open, changing from a misty grey to a glowing green, he ducked sending the axe into the qui to his left, his hands filled with an aura as he pressed his hand to the executioners face, he pulls back, a blue aura dispels from the qui's face, he then pushes back into the qui's face, causing it to explode. The qui to his right lunged, digging his sword into veccum's side, Verdun growled and pushed him back,the green aura began to emmit from the ground, surrounding him, the nearby qui covered their eyes as a blinding light emitter from the ball of green which surrounded veccum. The light faded and a beam of green shot out, tearing through anything within 100 feet, veccum spun around, channeling the energy, ripping through every qui present, he then fell, his arms badly burnt as scars emerged on his face, a zaedra, which is a god like entity emerged from the ground, gently laying her hands upon his throat, without struggle she tore it open, his eyes darted at her but he was speechless as the figure spewed the qui blood from the axe onto veccum's open wound."Rest my love, soon you will return" the voice of a woman filled veccums ears as his eyes closed shut, and he began the transformation into a qui. To be continued

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