rap 2

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just a little rhyming

Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016



Get ready cause im going in, gettin ready to fuckin swing, i fling, like redbull make yo bird ass grow some fuckin wings, make you take flight, while im in the lambo, you fools pedalin in a pedal bike, im gettin cheese like fettucine, ridin in the lamborghini, that beam mean extra beamy, gettin cream extra creamy, you hella soft, im bout to pop your melon off, these ice cold diamonds makin me wanna cough, check it, when i pull up in the block, everybody gettin shot, catchin hot lead to their fuckin top, and i catch top, from your thot, check it, what the fuck you gonna do, when my crew, come after you, kickin yuh ass, give you the boot, give you the shoe, run up theb we start to shoot, first we start creepin, pop pop, now yo ass sleepin, now yo momma weepin, cause yo ass bleedin, with your temple leakin, check it out , left yuh in a fuckin mess, so dont even try to test, im tellin yuh for your own fuckin best, for your own safety, i stay strapped like gangstas in haiti, im direct, never do shit blatantly, catchin plenty bodies lately...

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