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About a young outcast who uses his parent's gun to shoot up his high school after his crush rejects him. Comments on the impacts of bullying and why tragedies like this occur.

Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016




Our story begins with a boy. A boy named Edward. Edward is not particularly intelligent, but not particularly unintelligent either. He is a very average child with few special abilities or skills. There is one thing that makes him different from other children though, other than his acne problem and the fact that he is so short. Edward likes weapons, swords, guns, axes, you name it, he loves to play with weapons. This may have something to do with his father’s role in the military.

Now most other children found this fascination with weapons to be very strange, some find it rather disturbing actually. This has caused him to lose many friends in the past.

Well, now that you know all about our protagonist, let’s get to the tale at hand.

So, at the high school that Edward attends, there is a girl, her name is Jennifer. Now Jennifer does not have great interest in Edward, but He has quite the liking for her. He adores her and would do most anything to be with her. He loved her so much infact, that he had several pictures of her pinned to his wall. She doesn’t know this, in fact she believes that he hates her. She has good reason too, he has always been rude to her and though it only because of his lack of social skills, it has always come off as aggressively rude.

Even though Edward knows that she won’t say yes; he decides to ask Jennifer to date him. So the night before he asks, he creates an entire set up for him to “pop the question”. He creates a post using some cardboard he found in his garage and sloppily paints “Jennifer Stevens, will you go out with me?” on the front. He also goes to the garden near his house to pick some flowers. He had this all planned out and could only hope that she’d say yes.

It was the morning that he would be asking Jennifer to date him and he had his mother drive him to school an entire hour earlier than usual.

“Mom, can you take me to school at 7:00 instead of 6:00 today? The chess club is having a meeting” he said, trying to hold back his angst and excitement as best he could.

“Yeah, I guess so” his mother said begrudgingly.

And he was ready, he arrived at the school and sat in front of her first period class for about 45 minutes. Sh eventually arrived to see Edward with the brightest grin on his face and flowers in his hand.

“No...” said her friends in confusion and disgust “She has a boyfriend, Chris”.

“Well, you’re all whores anyway. Girls never want the nice guys, you always go for stuck up assholes like Chris!” he exclaimed with blood boiling anger covering up his sadness inside.

Jennifer’s friends giggled and walked to class.

“Did he really think you’d say yes?”they whispered“How did he not know about Chris, you guys are together all the time”they continued “He’s so fucking weird!”.

This devastated Edward, his heart was in pieces and he didn’t know if it would ever go back to normal. Now she knew that he was in love with her and, more importantly, he knew she didn’t love him back. As he was tearing up his shrine of her photos and destroying his entire bedroom in a tantrum of loss and depression; he saw something in the corner of his eye. Sitting on the living room table, through his barely opened bedroom door, was a gun. It was his parent’s handgun. He saw the barrel of the gun staring deep into his soul, he saw violence, he saw vengeance, he saw a solution. It may seem extreme to you and I, but in his eyes, this was the only way to truly get back at Chris, and all of Jennifer’s friends who kept him from his one true love in this world.

“I’ll save you from them Jennifer… and there will be nothing to hold us back, we can be together forever” Edward murmured to himself.

He snuck the weapon into his bag, today was the day he’d fulfill his destiny. He would punish those who had wronged him. He was doing god’s work, he was doing what he knew had to be done.

He arrived at school in a large black peacoat at least 3 sizes above his. In this coat was his tool to send a message to the world, his cure for the wickedness that had plagued our world. He knew what had to be done. He was nervous of course, but was determined to do what was right.

Approximately halfway through the day he asked his teacher if he could go to the restroom and his request was granted.

“You can do this” he said to himself in the mirror “you know what has to be done”.

He pulled the pistol out of his coat and waited for lunch to begin. As soon as the bell rang and the thousands of students ran out of their classrooms, he fired the first bullet which hit Devin Angler, Jennifer’s older brother, in the right shoulder. He was injured, but not killed. With a smile on his face, he fired a second shot which hit Jennifer’s best friend, Shannon Mendez, in the head which killed her instantly.

The school was in panic, everyone running back to their classrooms screaming, terrified of what was happening. Edward fired 3 more bullets which hit two other students that he had never met before.

He had two bullets left and didn’t intend to waste them. One bullet hit another one of Jennifer’s friends, Ellie Cortez.

He then aimed his last bullet at Chris Castro, Jennifer’s boyfriend. What Edward didn’t notice is that Jennifer was standing directly next to Chris, crying in fear for her life. Edward fired his last bullet and hit Jennifer Stevens in the stomach. His face change from a devilish grin to a bleak face of depression, realizing what had just occurred. He ran over to Jennifer’s nearly dead body crying, as the others ran from him. He clutched her shoulders and shook her.

“No! No! You’re not dead, we can still be together, you’re gonna make it!” he screamed at her with tears and saliva dripping from his face. “Why! Why did this happen? Why have I been forsaken? God, Why!”.

© Copyright 2018 Bastian Perez. All rights reserved.

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