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i never knew when i want to pass away... when i want to close my eyes and float away...

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



How long shall I live?

That question bothers me

Like a fear for the stars

I repeat those words 

Every sunset and sunrise


Did I fly away with the wind?

Was I dancing in the warm summer rain?

Could I smell the falling leaves?

Did the midnight traffic change me?

Like the madness of jealousy


Will sorrow reflect from my eyes?

Will I be a clown with a painted smile?

Will children be buried beneath my feet?

Will I stand in the cold rain?

Will clouds above my head, like an endless depression?


If life is a road trip

If I had passed it 

To the breathtaking view

If I passed the crashes and bumps

Then it’s time to fall asleep


If my love, oh my love, will be there

If I will burry my face in his chest

If his smile will soothe me

Like the warm summer breeze

Then it’s time to continue my journey


Oh… Let the sun palms find the lost puzzle pieces

Let the moon remind me of my losses

Let the stars be the endless pit of my fears

Let the puddles in the street reflect my true identity 

Let the ashes in the snow, remind me of my younger days


I will swing in my arm chair

Lost in a maze

Los in the endless reality 

Trying to run away

Like the roots in the dirt, trying to escape


I will run from reality, to the sunset

Desperate for help

Like the lost sheep, in the forest

Screams echo in my head

How long shall I live?

Only photographs could remind me of the lost blooming tree

If the rose starts to crumble 

And the leaves start to fall

Then it’s time to realize: 

Life is a room, full of open doors that close as you get older


If I had reached my paradise

If I finished my last chapter

If I finished my painting

The it’s time

Then it’s time to drift away…

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