Mind Trap

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This is a little rap I've written.

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



Mind Trap


Hello little boy do you know who I am.

For I’m no longer the man who’d say he can’t.

Cuz once you hear what I have to say.

You’re gonna go and try to get your entire life changed.


I’ve been trapped for 2,000 years in my own mind.

I’m gone, crazy, way over the line.

So say goodbye to the guy that you used to know

Cuz that guy has finally choose, choose to go broke.


Come, join me, come to the dark side

cuz life’s no fair when you’re playin the good guy.

So if life gives you lemons screw lemonade,

Cuz without a little sugar it’s gonna suck anyway.


To be or not to be is what a young man once said,

35 years later everyone thought him dead,

My question for Life that is stuck in my head,

why is everything always tinted blood red.


It’s the wine in my cup, the bud in your hand,

the world’s so drunk it can barely stand,

it’s been so long since I was a man,

I watched the whole world turn into a wasteland


I wonder here and now how life would be

if every single monster gave into their greed

money is the cause of this evil seed,

Now we’re forced to commit these evil deeds


Your hateful words lined with glass

cut deeper than the knife I used to cut myself last,

Cuz each shard is dipped in poison

yet you say you’re only toyin, with me


So here I’m gonna take the time to ask you

what would you do

if I told you, you were screwed

Cuz now that I’m back I feel brand new


You thought you were tough

but I saw through your bluff,

now you’ll witness the stuff

legends are made of


Cuz whether or not you’re prepared

You still have more than enough reason to be scared


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