Rotten Strawberry

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Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



Strawberry. The fruit of joy, happiness. Ripe juicy red on the outside, never less on the inside. But have you ever tried setting a strawberry outside for longer than a few hours? Well, I wouldn’t. Its fate of being a healthy joy would vanish into ashes. It’s identity would switch over into a rotten strawberry. No one keeps a rotten strawberry around themselves to lurk their home. Nobody could ever like a rotten strawberry.

I was about to return home, there were very few classes left to attend that day. I walked the halls, silence surrounding me. I walked into my Science class with a smiling expression pasted upon myself.

I took a seat as i usually did any other day. I jumped a little as the teacher began to speak, her voice creating an echo.

I wasn’t exactly trying my hardest to pay attention at the time, im not certain that any of my classmates were, either.

I could spot my friend Karel out of the corner of my eye, she was taking pictures of random locations and objects, which is what i suppose she does out of boredom. Well, im not exactly sure if she’d be okay with the title friend being given to her, im almost certain the only reason she ever spoke a peep to me was the offspring of a dare. It would make sense in a way, i was never the most likable person. I never had the slightest clue why, but that fact was a reality.

The Science teacher walked over to the telephone at the sound of a ring. I was sure of what to expect, and my expectation was correct.

“Strawberry, it's time to go down to the office.” She said facing me with a lousy expression. My classmates made “ooo” noises, assuming i was in trouble with the head of the school. But i wasn’t, and i was use to this routine. I got up from my seat and walked quickly over the hallways in order to make it to my locker.

Once i had gathered all my belongings, i made my way rather quickly to the office. I wasn’t startled to see my mother, standing near the school heads desk tapping her fingers on the object at a fast pace.

She showed no excitement to spot me coming her way. “Eh, Strawberry? Um, didn't i like, tell you to start getting here faster?” She spoke as if she had awaken from a recent nap.

“Uhm, s-sorry! M-” I stated, or began, the beginning had no finish because my mom cut me off.

“Yeah yeah, alright. We gotta go.” My mom spoke as if she were hiding something important from me. It gave me an uneasy vibe, but somehow i was able to brush the feeling off my chest.

“Ok!” I smiled brightly. My mom simply looked at me weird afterwards. It was somewhat long, the car ride to my destination, but eventually we arrived there.

We slowly stepped outside of the car. There it stood, the Piney mental hospital for sick kids. I hated that place with every ounce of hatred held up inside of the depths of my soul. Although i had to go, i had no choice in this.

Once we checked in with the kind lady working the check in desk, i expected to spot my usual therapist, but i didn’t. Instead my mother dragged me into a weird unusual room.

I was indeed afraid as i eyed the room surrounding me, sweat dripping from my forehead. A lady i had never encountered before walked closely up to my face, almost breathing onto it. “Hi there, Strawberry. You’ll be staying here from now on, or at least until you change for the better.” The lady spoke, leaving me in shock.

Time was seemingly freezing in ice cold misery while listening to those words. “B-but how?! I’m not mental!” I screamed in a panicking state.

“You need to change, need to learn to make your mommy's life easier. You’ve become a rotten strawberry. No one can tolerate a rotten strawberry, can they?” The lady spoke to me as if nothing was currently happening at that time. “Come on, Strawberry. Change. Change for me?” My mother stated with sad eyelids drooping over her gray eyes.

“But i can't change!” I stared at nothing but air itself, i was afraid and shaking. “I don’t wanna change!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, as i was dragged away.

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