The Human Life

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Extremely short narrative of the current life of human beings on Earth, starting from birth to death, and the ultimate problem that we face.

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



Introduction to The Home


Through the grand forests and roaring oceans,

The golden deserts and mountains of stone,

We breathe the air it gifts us,

This world is The Home.


As the forests fall, the oceans wither,

The deserts die, the mountains tumble,

The sky is poisoned and the air is no longer clear,

It is evident that the end is near.


And among all of this,


There is an idea,

That there is an us, there is a we.

That The Home is taken care of, through unity.

That the people have eyes so that they can see

That the people have ears so that they can hear

That they have minds so they can think,

That they have mouths so they can shout,

That we have hearts so we can care.


This idea is not an idea of truth.

Nor is it an idea of fantasy, as they do not fantasize the idea.

The idea can only be a lie.


Yet there will never be a lie more honest that This.





The human baby is born, as it is introduced to The Home.

It cries yet it is not sad,

The human baby could be in the arms of a murderer, yet the human baby is not scared.

The human baby could be in the arms of a rich man, yet the human baby is not jealous.

The human baby could even be in the arms of a star, yet the human baby is not starstruck.


The human baby is not yet capable of love and so the human baby cannot hate.


Even the raging bull was once a hornless calf.





When the human baby learns love, love is all it seeks.

The human baby awakens in The Home,

And lives as the human baby wishes to live.

The human baby will cry once more only when love is deprived.


As the human baby cannot live without love.




When the human baby understands others,

The human baby learns consideration.

When the human baby sees the people around it, the people showing care.

The human baby begins to care for them.


As like a wolf without a pack,

A fish without a school,

A goose without a flock.


The human baby without its family is lost.




As the human baby goes to school,

The human baby is taught the evils of all human babies before it.

The human baby learns of the world within The Home in which it lives.


The human baby is placed amongst many other human babies and so,

If the human baby isn't as tall as the other human babies,

The human baby is small.

If the human baby isn't as fast as the other human babies,

The human baby is slow.

If the human baby isn't as smart as the other human babies,

The human baby is stupid.


The human baby must become as good as the other human babies because if it doesn't,

The human baby will see itself as bad.




The human baby does not decide for itself where The Home came from.


The human baby is taught its religion, and so the human baby will not think otherwise.

The human baby is taught to love the creator of The Home,

Rather than love all it shares The Home with.


The smart think they know

The smartest know they know nothing.


It can be seen in the nettle that grows next to the doc leaf

That The Home is a place to be lived upon and not thanked upon.



The human baby is taught further division.

The human baby is taught difference.


Not the colour of eyes, as this doesn't matter.

Nor the colour of hair, as this too doesn't matter.

But the colour of skin, which matters so much.


The human baby sees a creature with two wings and a beak,

And calls it a bird.

The human baby sees a creature with sharp teeth and a maine.

And calls it a lion.


The lion and the bird sees a creature with five fingers, two legs and a head of hair,

And understands it is a human.




The human baby is taught about the most important thing in The Home.


More important than family,

More important than love,

More important than living,

More important than The Home itself.


The human baby is taught self-worth,

The human baby is taught about money.


No longer does the human baby need love to live,

All the human baby needs is self-worth.

All the human baby needs is money.


The human baby doesn't understand that with this mentality,

The human baby will never live.

Money is infinite.

Money never ends.

The search for money doesn't end either.


The hunter hunts not to eat but to be the finest hunter in the tribe,

The hunter hunts for status,

The hunter can only be the finest hunter until he has hunted all the animals,

And nothing else stands to be hunted.


The finest hunter, he will never be.




To acquire further self-worth,

To acquire further money,


The human baby surrenders its life;

The human baby works for five days.

The human baby rests for two days.

Living as it doesn't wish to live.


The human baby understands that it cannot live without money,

Without self-worth.


The human baby is foolish.


Self-worth without self is worthless.




The human baby has understood from early that it must be better,

Than every other human baby.


The human baby is exposed to human babies with an abundance of self-worth.

The human baby has enough self-worth to live, yet still needs more.


The human baby doesn't understand,

The poor man is only poor because the rich man exists. 




The human baby's foolishness,

The human baby's naivety,

Was given to the human baby.

Handed to the human baby by the evil human babies that have occupied

The Home.


The evil human babies own the human baby's self-worth.

By owning the human baby's self-worth, the only thing the human baby needs to live,

They own the life of the human baby.


If the evil human babies own all of the self-worth in The Home,

They would own all of the human babies in The Home.

They would even own The Home itself.


Insects cannot see the spider web,

The spider can see all of the web it has created.

Some insects can see the web, but are already stuck on it; it is too late.

The spider eats all on the web.


But if all the insects came together, the web would fall.

The spider would be powerless.


The insects would live.




The human baby, now engrossed in self-worth.

Has enough self-worth for one's self and it's human baby counterpart.


Deems it necessary to have a human baby of it's own.


And the human baby loves its child's innocence,

Admires its uncorrupted mind.

But the human baby understands first-hand that it is only temporary.


Soon this child will understand self-worth, the only thing that matters.

Soon this child will understand money.


The human baby cannot see it,

But both the babies before and after it were born on the spider's web.


Born to be eaten.



As the human baby begins to age,

Ceases to look forward, begins to look back.


Only now does the human baby begin to learn.

It learns once more what it learned when it was born, when it was innocent.


The family it longed for,

The enjoyment it woke up with every day,

The love it needed to live.


What was the point of 'self-worth'?

Self-worth ruined its life.

The importance of self-worth in The Home made it impossible to live a free life.


Only now is the human baby free.

Now, though for a short while, the human baby can enjoy The Home that was gifted to it.


But as the human baby sees the other human babies around it.

The human babies it longs to enjoy The Home with.


These human babies don't care, for they are lost.

They are only longing for one thing.




The human baby's days are now over.

The human baby is now ultimately sad.


For the life it had taken from it.

Claimed by self-worth.

For the life it wasted chasing false happiness.

For the life it wasted collecting things it could not take with it.


No amount of self-worth could provide the human baby with happiness.

No amount of self-worth coul

d bring the human baby back.


As human beings, all we must do with our lives is be.

Be with love, and we will be with life.


Not crippled with the compulsory stress that the world of money brings.

The web must be broken.

For human beings to be.





The story does not end here.

This was one of seven billion human babies.


All coming and going.

All controlled by self-worth.


The only thing that stays throughout all of these human babies arriving,

And departing.

Is The Home itself.


But for how long?


If all we care about is money.

If all we care about are ourselves.


Who will stand-up and care for the reason we are here?


Are seven billion people weaker than inanimate gold coins and paper notes?

Of course not.


But seven billion people all caring about themselves is as powerful as

one person alone.

Seven billion people together is as powerful as The Home,

Seven billion people together is The Home.


We have the power to change what has ruined The Home,

We have the power to break the spider's web,

People can live freely and happily.

The world can be healthy.


Life, which was once a beautiful thing, can be beautiful once again.

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