Ray of Hope

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It's a feel good story

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



It was completely dark and full of water. He heard noises outside. It was mixed with pain, panic and confusion. He was wondering what was it.

He heard a voice. "You need to listen to what I say and do what I say. Things are complicated. If you want them safe, this is the only option."

Them? He then realised that she was also with him. She was very quiet and weak. Who is she? Why are they in the midst of water?. What is the complication? He just couldn't understand. He was not sure what they wanted from him. Too many questions and he didn't know the answer. He tried to recollect how he came in and his mind was blank. Wait, what was his name? He looked at her. She had an innocent face and without any worry about what was happening. He liked her innocent face and smile. He decided to help her. After all they are in the same mess. 

He heard the voice again. "You are not helping us. No one is going to help you.". Looks like the same voice was speaking. He heard a voice crying in pain as it they were tortured.

"Do you think we should go out?. I am sure they are going to hurt us", she asked him. She was nervous and afraid. He wasn't that strong or intelligent as she thought. But a man's pride doesn't allow it to accept. Laws of nature are sometimes weird. "I don't think it's a good idea. It looks like it's a chaos outside.We better watch out." She agreed with him and he felt better that she bought his statement.

He saw a ray of hope. Lights. Yes, somebody was trying to rescue them. Or are they trying to kill? Her face was blank and she was fainting. "Don't worry. I will go first. I will come back with help. I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU ALONE. I promise.". He tried to gather his guts and slowly tried to swim through the water and swam through the direction of light.

"Look, he's there. Take him out. Carefully", he heard the voice. They are not going to hurt him. Good guys, he thought. At last he made it. The sudden blaze of lights almost blinded him. He opened the eyes slowly and saw the fact. The instant he saw, he knew he was safe. The face had a smile mixed with happiness, care, gentleness amidst pain. He couldn't speak a word though he tried and Cried out loudly. 

"Don't cry baby. Mama is here. Welcome to the world, my son. Happy birthday.", She said.

"We have to get his sister out now. Cooperate with us. Now push more.", said the doctor. 

The baby looked at the mother. He now knows who was with him in the water. Her sister. He closed his eyes knowing that his sister will also be safe.

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