Platform for a Genius

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Short story about a singer

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



Singing was always his passion. Though he was not formally trained, he sang like a professional. He was a blind genius. He was given an opportunity to sing for the first time in front of a huge crowd. He was excited but at the same time nervous.

His father was also a great singer. His father's way of life left him debt for lifetime and the lenders were happy to give chance to brother's to repay. He was guided by his father in terms of his singing.

"Only a few would really listen to your music. Don't get dejected and you continue your passion.", his father advised him.

His brother was focused purely on the money while he was longing for appreciation. He was blind not just by his vision but with the worldly ways. His brother was calculating the collections based on the huge turnout of the crowd. Obviously this was the right platform for launching his brother. 

The agency had ensured he got the right costume, props and the equipment for his performance. He
could sense the crowd through the footsteps they were taking. He took his steps and moved forward to sing. 

The voice was so melodious that his brother felt that he was gift to the world to spread the music through his lovely voices. He decided not to sing standing at one place and walked through while singing.

The signal had come for him to stop and at the same time he completed his song. Perfect timing. The train stopped in the Central station and it was time for the crowd to get down. As a 12 year old boy, he couldn't understand the value of money over appreciation unlike his brother. He was waiting for appreciation for his voice but all he could hear was clanking of coins in his brothers plate. Not a single word from anyone. The footsteps were too busy to get out of the train. He felt like beggar while all he needed was to be recognised.

The train was about to start for its journey other way round. He got ready to sing hoping that he would meet at least one soul who would appreciate his singing.

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