Don't Do It

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Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



If I got to worn a child about the deadliest feeling

I’d worn him about Disappointment 


This one feeling, the biggest of them all, 

Happens in a fraction of time 

But sadly makes you live a tough forever and a day 


In a fraction of time you get to live all the past 

And in this same fraction, all your drawn future fades 


And then you’ll search who you’ll lay the blame on, and in any case it ends with hate 

Either you’ll see it as you shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up once, and then you’ll make a fool of yourself 

Either you’ll realise that you were a victim of your hopes, a victim of your love to others , and then you’ll make fools of them 


You’ll hate yourself, or you’ll hate them 

Maybe you’ll hate the two, for you were incapable of discarding their hate for you 


And here, the self-complex arise, and you’ll say, I don’t love myself either so it’s no shock for me to be unloved 

But baby child these are scenarios that you built mountain of, and then sat above 


Mixed feelings and mixed thoughts will overwhelm you 

And you’ll be convinced that suicide will help you 


But I’m begging you please don’t do it 

You are not alone in it 


For all our lives will endure the same

It just comes towards us at a different pace 


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