another adult nursery rhyme!

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we may choose this clown, but i tend to doubt it, but... the damage he's doing is immense!

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



There is, right now, a presidential candidate colored orange and so full of hate,

it really is quite unbelievable that some think he is great.


If you thought Mr. Spay-Tan Boehner was colored unnaturally,

get a load of this guy, a more orangy guy, couldn't possibly be!


This guy spouts racism, says how fabulous he is, and lives in a high-rise luxury shoe,

offers nothing but meaningless generalities, and everything he says is a virtual 'screw you!'


His enduring popularity makes me fear for the future of our country,

and wonder why so many of us are blocking out reality, aren't listening and refuse to see


the truth, that he is a dick, who's exploiting the weakness of our education system.


I mean, what else would explain his popularity and the cult he's created? How many victims


of his slope-headed, egotistical, fear-exploiting, ranting, heartless core

will we have to endure? Hopefully soon, I won't have to write about him anymore.


But I tend to doubt it, he's hooked on the perpetual spotlight shining down,

in love with himself, with his own voice, so he'll probably be sticking around!


Causing more and more damage to the American brand,

while his supporters stick their heads in the sand!

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