Where is limbo

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Is there a such thing as dying without being aware of the passing?


Where is the light? We spend our days working, slaving, and craving something we have never tasted, but yet I am the only one here longing for a feeling I have never felt. Hush child, do you not realize that thoughts such as those can only lead you to a more lush green agony? Just work and let the darkness be your guide. Why is the light a burden? What harm can it do to bathe in uncertain hopelessness? Surely there is comfort in my current cruelty, is there elder? Children must be children, harlots must be saints, and liars must stand true by what they do not believe. Please child resume your task, slavers will only reward you for not opening your eyes. But elder I must see the light, this can not be the life I was given, I would sooner steal boxed bliss before I continue to traverse through the dark. I can only be consumed by the darkness once. You truly are foolish. Why do you think you’re here? Do you believe the clouds are waiting to embrace you? Can you remember how long you smiled while traveling in the light? Can your adolescent eyes see me, or do you see the shadow of whom you desired to be? But elder, I do not understand, how can you hide from the light? Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Listen the light fades fast, but the darkness covets even faster. There is only one way to the light. How elder? Please tell me how can I get the light to welcome me? Is that truly what you want? Does giving up on the darkness seem wiser than loving it back? Yes, anything is better than this tastes paradise. Then I will share this secret with you and you alone, but first you must make a solemn promise to me, child. And what promise is that elder? Promise me that you will not bleed for to long. But elder why would I bleed? Promise me you wont. I promise, elder. Now what is the secret? All you have to do is close your eyes, forever. 


Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Amy F. Turner

Acceptance I think is the biggest thing. Denial keeps you trapped in an endless loop of questions until as advised you close your eyes forever and accept your fate. Then you are free from limbo or the place between.

Tue, November 1st, 2016 4:21am

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