Candle In The Rain

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Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



Today started like any other day. You woke up, went to the bathroom, took a shower, got dress, ate breakfast, etc etc. At this point you were at school in the last period of the day when the school bell rang. That’s when your day took a twist. At the end of October, Halloween to be exact, it started raining. It was not uncommon for it to rain in October so you didn’t think anything of it. You hopped on the bus and went home. When you got home, you just sat at the desk in your room. My laptop was on and you were playing Age of Empires on it when you looked outside to see a black hooded figure. They held a loan lit candle. You looked away for a second because you heard my mom call me. When you looked back they were gone.


You weren’t sure who or what that was. You sat there staring out the window for a few more minutes.

“Dylan!” Your mom called at you once again. This time you ran down the stairs and nearly tripped when you reached the last two. It was dinner time, Taco Tuesdays was the best thing ever.  You plate was already made and you scarfed like you have never eaten a taco before. After you ate your fourth taco you looked up and outside the sliding glass door stood the man in a dark hooded robe. You stared in shock. You were interrupted from your staring contest by an abrupt force hitting both of my shoulders.

“Dylan, are you listening?” You father said with both hands on your shoulders.

“Yea dad, what’s up?” You replied.

 “Are you okay? You were staring out the window like you saw a ghost.” He asked you.

“Yea I’m fine, I was just zoning out. I’m so psyched for this dance!” I cheered. It was the final school dance of the year. You weren’t the most popular kid but that didn’t matter, your friends would be there and that’s all that mattered. You scarfed down your last taco before you mother turned to you.

“Dylan, take a shower before you go.” Your mother ordered.

“Yes mom. “ You replied with a sarcastic undertone. You went up the stairs and quickly back to your room. You opened up your laptop to see like 50 missed messages. You would have saw these but you weren’t allowed to bring you phone to dinner. They were all from Jesse. Jesse was freaking out because he wanted to know if you were still coming to get him for the dance.  Of could you were. Mom and dad agreed to let you use the car for the night.


You laugh for a moment at Jesse’s overabundance of messages but you stretch your fingers and place them on the keyboard.

“Yo, Jesse, sorry man. Dinner, Taco Tuesdays.” You sent.

“DUUUUUUUDE!!! I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for like 20 mins. It’s cool, tacos are an acceptable excuse. But bro, I need to know if you are still planning to come get me. My parents are nagging my ass about it.” Jesse requested.

“Yea man, I’ll be on my way soon enough. Just gotta shower and get dressed up.” You replied.

“Alright sounds good. I’ll see you in a bit then.” Jesse said before he signed out.


You closed my laptop and headed for the shower to get cleaned up. The steam filled the tiny room like a sauna. You felt cool and warm at the same time as you stripped down to nothing.  The refreshing sensation of a shower was invigorating and gave you a small boost of energy. You stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your waste before leaving to go back to your room.


You reached the comfort of your room and take the towel off to begin drying off entirely. Soon enough you are dry so you begin to dress for the party. You put on some black platform boots,  black pants, grey shirt, and a torn black suit jacket. You grab the face pant next and walk over to the mirror. You apply the green make up to your whole face but something caught your attention in the mirror. You blinked and saw somebody standing behind you. You quickly turn around to see who it was and there was nobody. There is a window in front of you and you see a flickering light in the distance once again.  When you look closer, you see that person holding the candle in the rain.


Your nerves were already on edge because of dinner but you tried to shrug it off. This eerie feeling filled you each time you tried to forget it. To get your mind off it, you shift back to the mirror and finalize the paint on your face. You peek back to the window to see that the person has moved closer. The candle still flickered in the distance. You looked away again and stuck the plastic bolts to your neck and your ensemble is complete. You were going to the costume party as Herman Munster.


You turned around to grab the keys off your desk when you saw the person standing in the window. They were holding a candle and they were as pale as could be. They wore a long white robe with a hood pulled over their head. He just stared at you with death in his eyes. You are stunned by his presence and cannot trigger your body to move.  The man in the window lifted his hand and pinched the candle’s flame, rendering it extinguished. In that same moment your bed room light went out as well. You immediately bolted for the light switch. You trip over all of your things on the way over.


When you finally got the light back on you felt a chill on the back of your neck. You turn to see the pale faced man standing behind you but this time he had a knife.  He stabbed you in the chest repeatedly at least four times. You fell backwards and clasped your chest with both hands. Blood was everywhere. The pain was horrific. With each pump of your heart blood squirted out of your chest. You tried to call for help but your throat was closed up. No, he had his hands around your throat. You clawed and scratched, in hopes to get free but freedom was no gained this night. Your body went limp and your word, dark.


?Word count - 1095

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