A Determined Girl

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Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



In the village of Masaguing, more than of 300 families are living, it is near to the sea and where some of the people work in agriculture and fishing. Living in the village is tough as there are few natural resources; to earn a living is very hard. Most man couldn’t provide all the needs for their families. Some moved to the city to find a good job. It is far and takes more than two hours to get there, and they have a few boats for their transportation. Sometimes, if the sea is tranquil it takes just about two hours. But it’s fun for the visits, having a wonderful view, and a lot of time to enjoy.

There is one girl named Chrissie. She is a kind of a girl who is lovable a diligent daughter to her family. She always stays in their home and helps her mother work at home during weekends. Every morning, she is assigned to clean the wide yards, watering flowers before she goes to school. She really likes to help her mother, since she doesn’t want her mother to get tired. But, of course she has time to play with her playmates in different games.  At an early age, life is very hard for her, most of the time when she attends in school, at recess time she often has nothing to eat. Instead she sits down looking at what her classmates eat.

Chrissie hasn’t had the experience to eat at a good restaurant or fast food. Also she doesn’t experience closeness with her family. That is because of her father, who is irresponsible who couldn’t even think of plan for his own family. Her father is constantly drunk nevertheless, she still loves her father and continuous to respect him. She is a good daughter for him but feels he not a good father to her. She always tried to advice him but nothing has changed him.

One early morning, her mother is talking to her saying softly,

“Your father wasted the money so we don’t have any food to eat. I’m sorry, darling. But I cooked banana for our breakfast”.

“It is ok Mom. I understand, though I know it’s not enough. I wish that he will change. I always pray about him, Mom, so we will not suffer like this?”

“I don’t know. That’s why you have to study well. And I will make sure that you continue your education it is very important. You have to think and always remember don’t be like your father, who can’t plan for his family”.

“Ok, Mom. Everything will be fine after eight years. I will make sure that we don’t suffer again. And I will make sure that I can help our family”.

“I will leave you at the moment. I need to prepare for our breakfast. Call your brother now”.

“Banana is so good Mom”.

There are many times when they only eat bananas and other root crops just to fill their stomach. After a few days, Chrissie encourage him to go in the sea, to catch fish to earn money. His father is a good fisherman, and can catch big fish, but he wastes the money buying alcoholic beverages to treat his friends. But sometimes he follows her advice. She is the only one who can help her father. Also, she’s the one who sells the fish and collects the money. She is happy when they can buy food for the family.

But a sad thing happens to her. Her father was drunk, and asking for her mother to get the money.

Her mother can’t because she knows he will only waste it to buy beverages again.


“Where is your mother? Find her!”, her father asked her.

She just says…

“I don’t see her.”

But her father did a bad thing, he sell the rice to the neighbours. Then he spent the money again on alcohol and drink the a lot.

When the evening came, while Chrissie is resting, and trying to sleep but she couldn’t because of the noise from her father. Every time he drinks he sings aloud which disturbs the family. And when her father gets mad without any reason, he shouted in bad language and that really irritated her. Sometimes he would shout,

“Get out. Get out!” As her father pushed them out.

Many times they experienced sleeping outside; sometimes staying they would sleep in the back of their home when it was so cold. Almost all of the people in the village know their situation, and the character of her father. But they were very proud of her. Though his father was like this, she became one of the top in school, receiving honour and awards.

At the end of Grade six, she is the one of having top in the class. She made her own speech and the audience were so touch with her. She continues to study at her high school which is in the same place. Her parents couldn’t send her in a private place in town due to financial problem. Her mother couldn’t make any money for this by herself. When the school years is about to start, Chrissie don’t have enough for her notebooks, and other materials she needed to use. During this time, there will be an additional classroom to build so she planned to make money by bringing sand for the place, then to find some graves that could sell. She is glad when she earned enough money to buy her school notebook, and other materials. To help her family, she did a lot of things though she knows it must be the responsible of her family to provide all her needs but she understand her real situation. Sometimes, she could imagine and talk to herself.

I wish I have a perfect family. And really wish that we could bond together.

I am really so tired of what is happening right now.

In her high school years, she made some friends and schoolmates. She is very close to them. Sometimes, they hang out then go to the one of their classmates. They enjoy each moment swimming, and playing on the seashore. There are more memorable moments she remembers a year of starting to become mature and also the experience on having a crush. But she does not forget her school works. She needs to study harder and become serious. There are lot of activities which happened in her school days. She is an active student, being at the top of the class where she wanted to remain. During that year, it is the first time she was too far to her mother. Her mother decides to work as a maid in the city to support them financially. This was a very hard time for her. Chrissie stayed with her grandmother. But sadly, her grandmother was living in the comfort room which made her bones become weak. She is the one who care for her grandmother after she went to school and to his brother too. Chrissie really missed her mother and continuous to keep herself busy. Every day is very much the same. She already knows to cook, work at home is easy and whatever happens in her life feels memorable.

Four years passed, and she finished high school but she doesn’t have a plan which school she will study for college. It was summer when she asks her mother about her enrolment,


“What is the plan for enrol and in what school?”


“I only have three thousands pesos, we will be going to Victoria tomorrow”.


She is so happy when she heard this from her mother.

She feels so excited to enter in college. They went to MinSCAT, and filed for registration and she choose to be a teacher. But she was not yet enrolled because they did not have enough money.

Her mother has bad news.


“I am so sorry; maybe we cannot help you start college. We don’t have enough money for it”.


She wants to cry that moment.


“Mom, I really want to study… I really want to finish my studies”.


Chrissie doesn’t know what to do, she became speechless.

Everything is ready. All her dresses are packed. She plans to stay in the dormitory of the school because it is less the expenses. But this did not help with the problem. Until one day, her sister decided to go to her cousin and become a maid so she could support her financially. They really needed to help each other. She enters college. And it is really hard for her. One month of sadness, crying because she really missed her family. She studied very well. She had a lot of friends know and become very close to them. The school was in a nice surrounding. Trees, because it is an agricultural school but offers other education subjects. She became very busy, developed good study habits; reading books and doing her assignments. More activities she encountered and joined. The dormitory where she lived has four beds, each bed has a partner.  When they were in the gym, attending the program Miss MinSCAT 2016, was sitting on the bench and she want to accompany her. She was an IT student, a simple and beautiful girl. Because being verbose, she was able to talk about anything.

“I am Chrissie; it is nice to have time to talk with you right now. I am educator student; it’s nice to meet you here”.

“Are you staying in the dormitory?”

“Yes I am, I have friend there an IT student too, like you”.

“You know Bella?”

“Ah yeah. She is so kind”.

Many days passed and she always visits her in the boarding house where she was staying. She could feel something different. Something like a crush with this girl, it was really surprised to her. They talked a lot every weekend when they are not busy.

Of course, she doesn’t forget to text her family who is her inspiration. More days passed and they became closer to each other, they become best friend. Telling their secrets until, she said to her honestly,


“I have crush on you”.

She just sighed and smiled. Then, she hugs her.

“It’s just normal to have a crush; even if it’s either a boy or a girl”.

“Well, it’s ok for me. We are best friends”.

They become like sisters, and they helped to each other.

When the vacation came, Chrissie’s mother wanted her to stop collage because her sister had decided to continue her own college and she could no longer support Chrissie. While working she was always thinking her own study needs.

Chrissie worked for one month and stopped and decided to go to a far place. She realized it is too hard to work in the house, to take care of a baby. She went out and tries to look for another job as a sales lady. But this was no good. To eat every day, she stayed with her acquaintance and helping them, waiting for her mother decision.

One day, her cell phone ringing……

“This coming school year, you will continue to study this second year. I can have extra income, and though it is hard, I will do it just for you”.

Hearing that’s words from her mother, made her very happy to have another chance to study again. She did her best and continued her study though her allowances every week was lacking, she became so thrifty and her best friend was also good to her. She always eat canned goods, eggs, canton although it made her body so thin but she remained stronger.

On the day of her graduation, her family comes to Victoria to attend this special occasion. Her mother is so very happy for her daughter. Her father is so proud, though he didn’t help, it was her mother did all of it.

“This is for all of you. I am very happy that I made it because of all your efforts you are the most supportive Mom. There are a lot of circumstances which have happened but we remain stronger. Thank you, Mom. You are the best Mom ever”.

“I am so thankful that I have you”.

After graduation, Chrissie decided to move to the city and to prepare for her exam, people in her village were so proud.


“Mom, I will stay in the meantime with our cousin there in Manila then I will look for a job so I can earn money while preparing for my exam”.


Chrissie stayed in Manila for several months then decided to come back in the village waiting for the result of the exam so she could apply for school, reading books and helping in the home.


Then her mother opened the letter


“You did it! Congratulations!” very excited.


Chrissie’s mother very proud she passed the licensure exam for teachers although its 50-50, but she did it. She felt so lucky and surprised.

She gets her requirement in Manila to apply in a public school. A lot of things she did like passing the entire requirement, interviewing, then teaching requirement.

But the problem is she hasn’t had experience and never attended seminars, so she went back to Manila and stayed in Cavite, looking for a private school. Though it is new for her, still she is so determined to apply. While doing this, she was helping by selling bananas for her cousin in return; a payment of the money used for her transportation and food while applying to some schools. Chrissie sent out more copies of application letter and resume. Then someone made contact with her. She was about to go to sleep when someone texted her.

“You need to come tomorrow before 8 o’clock, please be ready for your teaching and interview.”

She was very happy, full of happiness. She prepared the things she will use.

It is 8th day of May; she is hired at her first school.

Because of her patience, she did it very well. She had a job, and earned money though it was a low salary but she could now help her family, supporting them monthly. That a promise to her mother.

All of the sufferings and challenges she faced brought her to what her want to be in life.

That’s my story ends…..

“To my dear students, I hope I inspired you”.

“From my story, I hope you realized and give more importance to education. You have more opportunities, you have great parents who are always there to support you, you have those things that I don’t have. You are near to mature; you need to do the same thing. Just keep on dreaming because I know, you can do that all things. Remember the words, if other’s can, why can’t I. God has a great plan for you.”

One of my students raised her hand….



“Teacher, you made it! You made to realize the importance of these things. I appreciate it all.”

“Thank you my dear student”.

One morning, when I walked in the corridor, with many students nearby…

“Good morning Miss Hamtig”.

There is so much happiness, and I realize that something had changed within them. It so good for them…

I get my chalk and start the class. I begin with another story that has happened in real life then try to give them a chance to analyse about what things that have to apply.

Then, I was so angry because they are the noisiest section of the room, but I realize they are good. And I find it’s well. I find out, whatever job it is, just to love your job and exert more effort. You are the one who made their hopes, and it always starts with you. All could be superstars.

There are more 5 minutes left when the bell rang, signs for the next subject. I leave the classroom so silent. Students are being responsible right now, as I think of to myself, smiling.


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