Only One

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I don’t know what to do as Mariette speaks to herself crying. Until now, she couldn’t carry to what happened last month. She never wanted and just pushed herself to break up with him.
She chose to get hurt and sacrifices for her career. She just wanted to help her family. Their business was bankrupt that’s why forcing her to work in abroad as event organizer. She needs to work hard to settle down all of it.
“I have to leave, and I am sorry if I am not ready for it. I need a space.” She remembered those lines when she spoke to his ex-boyfriend.

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



Chapter 1


No…I should stop this. I need to do this for the sake of my family and so I couldn’t be hurt him longer, as Mariette choice to plan breaking up with her boyfriend, and as her fiancée though she doesn’t want to happen but she loved her family. Her family needs her.

She picks up her cell phone to call her boyfriend until Kim accepting it.

She couldn’t even speak that time when her boyfriend speaks up.


Babe, why did you call me this time?

A………………I need to meet you up at 7pm in the AMY’S restaurant.

Oh, really! What’s for it babe? Is there something to celebrate? But, it’s really a good time for us. And why your voice seems lonely?

No…I’m ok. I just need to talk with you. Sorry, I have something to do. I’ll meet you up later.

She stops to talk coz her eyes crying and she doesn’t want to hear that by Kim. She doesn’t want to do it for him but it really needs. She heard the words I Love you coming from her boyfriend.

“He doesn’t deserve to be hurt. And I am sorry Kim if I will do this to you, as Mariette speaks to herself alone. She goes to her room, open her laptop checking the response of her application through email.



Good afternoon.

You are now hired Miss. Mariette Mendoza. You can go to our office on Friday for the processing of the documents.

Thank you.


“This is it!” I’m now hired! Thanks anyway to you God, this is an opportunity for me. Though, she knows to herself that there’s loneliness inside her heart but she was force to work in abroad to save a lot of money for their family business.

And she remembered the time when she is with Kim until he proposed to her.


She was very close to her boyfriend and doesn’t have a time to be with on her friends since then. Most of the time, she is with him. They did lots of things like to travel everywhere, going once a month in resort for relaxing, enjoying bowling in the mall, eating in some restaurant. She really loved her boyfriend and she had seen to himself that Kim loved her too much. After 1 year of being in a relationship, Kim surprised him, a one month ago.


That day she was busy in her work as of being an event organizer. She was so tired and went home early. Arriving to their home, Kim was there in her room that made her surprised.


Your now here babe! I am happy to see you again. Can I invite you for dinner outside?


Babe, I am so tired right now. Maybe we can just stay here.

Babe, I miss you after one week of not seeing you. Please allow me to do this.


Ok, babe. Just wait. Wait for me outside. I have to change my outfit.




When they are already in the car, Kim talked to her.

I really miss you babe. I am so sorry if I couldn’t call you longer I was just busy from work. I’m in a field in Baguio for the business purposes.


It’s ok babe. I do understand. Anyway, where we going?

You can sleep for two hours so you can rest.

I guess we just go to the restaurant.

And it’s not dear.


Fine… Your such a sweet kid.. Hahahahaha…

And I’m not a kid….

Then she fall asleep.


After two hours…..Kim called her to wake up. Opening her eyes and looking to her watch its 6:00 in the evening. She gets her powder, and then applies it on her face. Then she combs her hair.


I guess you have a good sleep.

And yes, it’s a good anyway for me so I’m now ready. By the way, what’s it’s this place again?

It’s our private resort.  My Dad owns this. And we have maids here, so don’t worry in everything you will be good and comfort here.


Oh….You made me surprise…

It’s not the end babe…

What did you say?

Ha! This will ends good babe. Shall we go?


It’s so really nice here babe. Thanks anyway for this babe.


I will do everything just for you.


Thank you.

Babe, can you close your eyes first?


And what is this for?


Babe, just do it for me…. Don’t ask more, just do it…


She closed her eyes, and then Kim put a cloth in her eyes, holds her hands guide her until she reached the chair. When she is sitting already, there is a lovely music she hears and Kim talk to him inviting her to dance.


Can I dance with you babe?

By the way, please remove the cloth in my eyes. I couldn’t see anything.

She was very surprised to the resort she is seeing now. There are more flowers around, petals in the floor, a very romantic place ever that she is now seeing.


This is a wonderful place ever that first time to experience. You are such a lovely and sweet guy.

Thank you for this babe.

It’s ok. I love you. That’s what the reason why I do this.

Kim holds her hands and they did dance.

After dancing, they prefer to eat dinner. And when they are done Kim speak up.


I don’t know how to start. Mariette, you’re the one of the best girl that I’ve ever meet. My one year of being with you are the sweetest and enjoyable ever with full of happiness and loved.

Mariette, I am now ready to say this…Kim gets her hands. Mariette, I love you no matter what happen. I love you forever. I want to be with you all the time.

Then Kim moves his hand, to get that thing, a ring. Will you marry me?

By her surprised, she doesn’t know what to say but the emotions are there. She really loved that guy.

Yes! That’s what she says. She gets emotional and happy.

YES! YES! Thank you babe….Thank you ….More thank you…

In August, that’s our wedding date.

Oh, why is that so early babe? It’s only three months to go.

It’s ok babe. I just want to be with you. Then Kim hugged her tightly.



She really missed that time, but until now she is not ready to be the wife of her boyfriend. She realized, it’s not the right time. She just only 24, and not be ready for that. Also she needs to accomplish and needed her help for her own family. She needs to work hard to settle down all the things on their family. Her dad was a businessman, but suddenly their business had been bankrupt and takes a lot of money to settle down. Until the day came, Katrina her best friend, who is working in the agency suggests and offers to work in abroad.

She need that job so she just accepts and had plans to break up with Kim, because it is more years to take in working in Canada.

Maybe, she is not for me or maybe there is a right time to us. It isn’t now maybe some other years”.


I am really sorry Kim…


She looks up to the clock and just has 30 minutes left. She leaves the home, and then goes to the restaurant to meet her boyfriend.

Chapter 2


Mariette gets her phone and message Kim to ask on where he is now.


Kim is calling……


Hello babe, where are you coz I’m here already. You just go inside.

Ok. I’ll be going there.


She goes inside and sees Kim smiling at her wearing with a good outfit.


I order some food already coz I guess you are tired and hungry.


I can’t stay long.

Ok. What something you want to tell?


Kim, I am really sorry. I am not prepared to be your wife. I realized one day that I have something to finish first. I need space, I need privacy. I have to leave you. I need to break up with you. Sorry for breaking your heart. I’m really sorry.


After saying that, she can’t control herself to cry and then she leave that place. She did already her choice. She breaks up with him. While saying that to him, she sees the frustration of Kim to her. She sees him crying.  She is now losing him. Then Kim called her.


Babe, please come back!



She continues to run and ride on the taxi. Kim follows her and she knows that he will follow her into their home.

She said already to her parents in not to open the door when Kim is outside calling her name.

She continues to go inside her room, then she get cry a lot. She doesn’t want to happen that to him. She really loved Kim, but this is not the right time.  “I need to find myself first and I have to do a lot of things.”


The morning came; she is now ready to go to the agency for the completing of requirements.

Standing in the corner, Katrina called her attention.


Best friend….You come over here.

Have you brought of some other requirements?

Yes, here are they.

She opens up all the documents about her and gives to her best friend. Katrina, work as clerk there in the agency. And they are both best friend since college. She is so funny and kind.


Ok, GOOD JOB. Actually, you are nearly soon to flight.

And you only have one week to stay here in the Philippines, coz our company will bring you there in Canada. So I am hoping that you are ready.

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