I've Gotta Mate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jack Skip is conflicted about "going over" but the pressure of his peers makes him form a rash decision.




”Mate, get over here!” I hear in the distance.


Usually I’d be the one directing people, but no, someone was calling me. The superior, it must have been important.


“So what’s this? What’s the big deal?” I exclaimed.

“The boys are thinking,” They all turn to each other grim faces hidden with smiles.

“About going over.” They say with mock enthusiasm.

“Going over? You mean…” I suddenly gulp.



No one had ever gone over before, and made it back alive, especially at night. You would only go over if you were desperate, or mind rotten dumb.  It was a bloody death sentence, so many had gone and not many returned. My mind span out all over place thinking about going over, not to mention my legs becoming jittery with anxiety. I couldn’t express my true emotions, id been seen as a coward or wimp, and I ain’t no wimp.

“What about the High Speed Blinding globes? You know, the one that took Kevin.” I mumbled.

“Look don’t worry about the high speed blinding robot, it only passes rarely.”

“Well what’s the point anyways?” I shrug carelessly. 

“Apparently, there is some FINE females over there.” The boys jumping with excitement.


Look I couldn’t deny that some female company would be sweet in this time of uncertainty, but was it worth it? Was I willing to sacrifice, potentially my bloody life for perhaps a four out of ten at best, I couldn’t decide. I left the group and found myself a spot to lie down. I had heard terrible stories about the ones that had gone over. Thousands filled with enthusiasm, much like my mob, but never assessing the dangers. My group had started to become rowdy, becoming increasingly impatient the more of lied here whimpering away. However, a thought struck me, I was considered the alpha amongst the rest, I had extremely large muscles that could flip even the heaviest of rocks, and not to mention my piercing good looks, JEEZ I had a better chance of success more than any of those guys. It probably didn’t help that I said all those qualities about myself out loud, but argh well I was ready.


“So are we ready to do this fella’s?”

“Oh look who decided to grow some balls.” Bazza chuckles. 

“Shut up you absolute dipstick!” I shouted humourlessly.

“Alright Bazza you’ll jump first you fat belly bastard, Gazza you’ll jump second, and don’t land on your head, its already broken as it is.  And Dave, just try and get over.”

“Well what about me? Shouldn’t I go first considering I’m the best…I mean worse than the rest?”

“Look Jack, I go after Dave, then you follow in last.”

“Ohhh last? That guarantees me the 4 out of ten!” I sigh with disappointment.



I wasn’t a fan of going last, but at least I was going.  One would only hope that the high speed-blinding globes would somehow hit a 4 times combo and take all of them out, then that would leave me with a wide range choice of said females.  The daylight was slowly sweeping away, and the darkness of night creeping in. Our vision was starting to become dim, but not enough to prevent us from going over. We all lined up, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. There had been no sign of the high speed-blinding globes, quite strange for this time at night. I began to breathe deeply. Each breath bigger than the last. The fence had not been as intimidating until now, standing at a whooping 2 metres. Bazza went over first, clearing the fence in a disgusting fashion as his belly jiggled with ferocity. Gazza was up next, shiting himself more than ever. Thankfully he cleared the fence without losing any more brain cells. Oh Dave, it took Dave about seven attempts to clear the bloody thing the absoulute drongo, never had I seen anyone so useless in my life. At last, it was my turn. Jack Skip, the best of the best, was just about to clear the infamous fence. I turned around, gave myself a huge run up and went for it. My legs exploding off the ground and leaving indents on surface. My heart pumping faster than ever before. Just before I cleared the fence, two bright orbs sped towards me. My landing was startled, scurrying around to pick myself up.  I stood there mesmerised, unable to move as the orbs etched closer and closer. It couldn’t have been. Not me, not now. Was this truly my luck? “Noooooo, the high speed blinding globes!” “CONK!”


The world starts to spin as I gaze upon the stars. Becoming lightheaded, I feel myself slowly slipping away. Laying flat against the surface, I hear slight cries in the distance. The orbs of light come to a stop. A silhouette figure approaches my fading body, shaking his head walking over. “Bloody Roo!” 

Submitted: October 28, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Rory Tscharke. All rights reserved.

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