All for you

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Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Submitted: October 27, 2016



My World 
You make my head spin and my heart beat fast
This love we have, it will forever last
I will cherish every moment 
Every breath that I take 
This love that I'm feeling 
It won't ever break 

I'll do anything for you
Take a bullet for you
Lie for you
Cry for you 
Do the impossible to prove myself to you
Make the unthinkable true for you
Pull down starts for you 
All to prove that I love you.

If I said I want you, would you tell me the same?
If I said I loved you, would you feel the same?
If I said let me hold you, would you let me?
If I heard your voice, what would your question be?
If I touched your lips, would you kiss me?
If I proved myself to you, would you keep me?

My world
I've seen you cry 
kissed away your tears 
I've held your hand 
Made you feel safe
I've stroked your hair 
Made you feel wanted 
I've heard your laugh 
Made you smile 
I've seen your face 
Made you feel beautiful 
I've found my world 
And kept it with me.

Im a ghost of myself 
My soul has blackened 
I'm a shell
A spirit 
A figure of existence








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