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written between 2014-2016 no dates. Youre the only one who reads or knows that I post on this website but these are only partially posted for you. I have so many love poems to you but these are mixed and i hope they are ok

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



You use your life as a gambling piece. Death as blackmail. A first aid kit I am no longer filled with the bangages and gauze made of words and caresses. I am an empting vessel used up on your false alarms and my own selfish ways. Can never know which is a drill or the disaster. The siren always rings so it's always a disaster for me and for you. I know youre in a drought of happiness and have only collected a few drops but although I can give you mine i'm all locked inside. The hot sun on the dry land beats down upon itself. Anger and malice. Desperation Desolation. (writtedn in 2015)


name is now my favorite. words echo through my being. Shaking calming moving.  light his brilliance echose. fear his anger dulls. Blunts the aura until he's is pixelated (scattered) fading. His mind expansive every corner. idea ripe and full. Hheart hardned with tender spots. beaten scarred but opened as much as it can be. voice calming the exact tone i need. i crave his words and touch I miss it (written in 2015)

Seeing it changed my visions and gave me sorrow beyond comphrehension but what is the alternative. It's unbearable to see it in pieces. I want to hug you. And if you were to take these pieves and if you were to unscrew leaving the other little oieaces I wish to (fall of 2016)

 Two souls entertwined to twisted fault lines. Crumbling.RUmbling into dust (written in 2016 but not dated)


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