him & her

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This story talks about the love of a girl to a boy in a day that is important to him.
she struggles though her day, as he is relaxed.
The story shows what happens when they meet up.

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



Him & Her
It was the day of his birthday, he never really planed anything for his special day and did not really think about it too much. he does not realize the people that care about him. He woke up that day not realizing that it is his birthday, but soon later he knew it and thought that maybe today can be a happy day. He reserved a dozen phone calls and text messages that wishes him a happy birthday. As well as him getting gifts from his family which made him grin. He sat silently in his room answering phone calls for a while, then she texted him wishing him a happy birthday, he replies to her normally just like anyone else not even thinking about her. She gets happy that he replied and went on to tell her friends.

 As he sits in his room in a gloomy way thanking loads of people for wishing him a happy birthday, she sits in her room thinking what to get for him as a gift. He thanks people, and she keeps him in her mind as well as in her heart thinking what to get him. At the same time when some friends came over to his house to have a good time for his birthday, some friends came to her house to help her decide what to get for his birthday. As the guys were having fun the girls were getting frustrated over what decision to take. After a while both his and her friends were gone. He sits glad and thankful for his friends, but that does not seem to make him happy, and she sits sad and thoughtful, because she wants to get him something meaningful.

 The day was almost over and finally she has got it, she knew what she will get him for his birthday. then she hurries over to her old red car and goes to pick a good one. She wanted it to have a good color and to be in a good condition, all she really needed was just one. After hours of looking she has found it. She then drives as quickly as possible to his house. As she gets out of the car and approaches his house her limes start shaking, her neck turns harm and her heart beats faster, she rings the bell and waits for the longest 15 seconds of her life. He opens the door not expecting her at all. "hey…i got you this for your birthday" she says with a nervous voice. She hands him over the gift while wishing him a happy birthday. He steers at the gift for a long time, it seems that this gift has truly made him happy for him special day, then he looks straight into her eyes and says "thank you" with a really happy and joyful voice, as soon as he said that he hugs her. At that moment he realized who loves him the most and who he loves the most in his life. She leaves with content in her eyes. He gets a cup of water and puts the red flower inside so that he can place it near his bed to remember her every day.

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