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Everyone used to tell me that after death we cease to exist. Everything darkens out. We lose consciousness. In some contemporary culture like in the Hinduism they say even after the human body perishes the soul stays intact. Whatever others say, I know what happens after we die. BECAUSE I'M ALREADY DEAD.

And when you die, you get lost in the infinite darkness of the universe. In a way you cease to exist. But again, that's the case of people who give up, who believe that there's no life after death. But for the dreamers the case is different. They get transported to a world similar to ours but once they reach there, everything changes. You can live your dreams there. You can be anything there.

Want to be rich ? You'll be rich !

Want to live in a chocolate mountain ? You can !! How ?? Very simple. Just build one

That's how it is in that world. And not everyone can go there; for to reach there , you need to believe in life beyond death. You need to believe that anything is possible.

So, I'm dead. And I was not much of a dreamer but yet I'm here. In this world of afterlife. I call it the "StarkWorldS". How I reached StarkWorldS is a whole different story because I was never much of a dreamer but right now, I am among the most powerful in this StarkWorldS. And I have an affinity towards everything colorful and beautiful and so I am called "Mr. Color" . And I'm known here as Mr.C or simply "C". And my whole life changed, AGAIN, for the second time when I met this guy. His name is SunnyShadeS. I call him "S". But first you might wanna know about me, Who I am ! How did I get into StarkWorldS !! And who is S and why is he important !!!

To Be Continued(TBC) …

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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