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My father called himself a scientist. And my mom had to earn bread for our family. I was the single son since my dad felt that a single progeny is better to pass on the parental talents and knowledge. Most of the times I never knew what he meant. Most of the times I never cared. He wanted to build something that'll carry you to long places. He says he'll use the steam from water to power that contraption that'll take people to long long distances. We don't have to rely on horse or bullocks anymore. Our family was poor. We could never afford a horse. The so called "Sane" townspeople called my dad a mad guy. And I was that mad guys son. But again, it didn't matter. Because I was used to it. I was the mad guy's son. Then she came, her name was Beauty. I called her B.....and soon, my life changed....

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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