character development

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Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



Character development

It was around mid July when I was tricked into going on a six hour car ride that I wasn’t looking forward to. I remembered that my mom was packing my sister’s clothes into a small suitcase, and told me to pack 3 days worth of clothes. I had no idea what was going on so I just did what I was told.

“You and your sister are going on a road trip with your father” my mother said. “Behave yourself, and take care of your sister.”

“Damn it, this is so unreasonable! Why do I have to go on a long ass car ride with my father?” I protested.

“Just go, and be polite.”

I hated my father. He had been an unattentive father ever since my sister was born, and had remarried 5 times in the past 3 years. I did not understand why I was forced into going to a stupid car ride with my father.It was such a waste of my summer.  

I put my clothes into the back of my father’s ugly beat up truck. When I got into the passenger seat, I could already smell the aroma of old cigarettes and coffee. I quickly cranked the window open and put on my seatbelt.The truck was littered with garbage.

“ How are you kids doing?” asked my father with a fake smile.

“Just drive.” Motioning for him to start the engine. I was already starting to feel annoyed.

The first 20 minutes of the drive wasn’t  too terrible. My sister was conversing with my father about who knows what, and I was able to just listen to my music with earbuds.

After 40 minutes into drive I was starting to feel very cramped, and the smell of cigarettes was starting to feel unbearable

“Can’t you live without having to smoke every 15 minutes?” I mumbled.

After what felt like 10 bajillion years it got too dark to drive and we stopped at a nearby rest stop for the night.

“Brother are you alright? Does your head hurt?” my sister asked.

My motion sickness was so serious that even short car rides could make me feel nauseous almost immediately. I felt alright since I had my meds and kept my eyes closed. “I’m fine” I answered.

My father and sister fell asleep within seconds, but I couldn’t. I was mad at my mom for forcing me to go on this trip, when she knew that I hated car rides, the smell of cigarettes, and my father. The thought pondered in my mind the entire night and I was not able to sleep. Why the sudden trip.

Then next ady, my father gave me a black suit to wear, and my sister a black dress.

“What the hell is with this getup? Did someone die or somethin?” I said jokingly.

“Your grandmother/ my mother passed 3 days ago.” He said softly.

I was so shocked. Not by the fact that my grandmother died, but that my father was crying. I didn’t know that he had emotions! Old people die all the time, and I didn’t really know anyone from my father’s family.

“Father, what time is the funeral?” I asked, I tried to be be as sympathetic I could. My sister was sobbing in the back. What was she crying for? Did she even know grandmother?

“We’ll be there in 30 minutes.” he replied

For the next 30 minutes we all sat in the car quiet, no one dared to speak. When we got to the funeral, it felt like time stopped. Many relatives that I had barely ever spoke to were all weeping for the same people. My father went the entire funeral without smoking.

After the funeral we drove back home. For the duration of the ride I started to regret. I regretted all the times that I didn’t spend with my loved ones. I regretted hating father.  

When we got home, I was very tired. Exhausted from the long trip, and having to deal with all the emotions. “ See ya next time dad.” I said to him as he drove off. Through the long road trip, I learned that my dad wasn’t the kind of person I always thought he was.


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