Can I hate my mother ?

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some times , i feel like hating my mother but in the end when i remember that she is the one who took care of me , i forget and leave my anger behind so i wrote this poem to describe my hate and love for my mother .

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



 Is this what they call a mother ?

Someone who doesn't even bother

To know what i feel

this pain is just too real

She aimed the spears through my heart

Instead of calling me her sweetheart

Can i say I hate her ?

Can i say I can live without her ?

She doesn't have faith in me

I thought that we were linked as a lock and a key

To love each other forever

But it seems all of that is over

It looks like that we parted ways

I can feel it in every word she says

I wish she was kind and pure

I wish that she was my cure

But it seems that she was a mistake

After all I have done for her sake

She wants me to fail in life

Her words were painful as a blade of a knife

She doesn't believe in me

 Is it that hard to see ?

She turned my life into a nightmare

A one that is full of misery and despair

I wish she knew

or even had a clue

of how many years

I've shed these tears

when i was young and lost

I used to feel like a ghost

She was always my light

But then she turned to be as dark as night

She made me lose my self esteem

and all i want to do is just sit and scream

But she can't notice my pain

Everytime I try to explain

She just locked me away 

 Is that the price I should pay ?

After everything i have done

After she was my sun

Now she is dark as night

After she was my daylight

Now, winter reminds me of her cold replies

It's amazing how time flies

When i say will i miss her ?

Will i still love her ?

Can I return to her heart again ?

 Or will I suffer all the pain ?

She might be angry and mad

But when i remember what we had

Our memories that we spent together

They will surely last forever

I might hate her sometimes

But over bond and love will last for the rest of our lifetimes


© Copyright 2018 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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