Lost Memoirs Chapter 3 10/28/2016

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Review Chain

A boy who once lived far away suddenly moved to a small town in japan. Only to find what he was looking for.
Blake Baker is a Half English/Japanese boy who once lived with his Mother and father when suddenly his parents broke up.

The story takes place at a town far from the main cities of japan where Blake's mom was born and raised.
There, He moved with his mom.
Blake was sad at first but when he finally made friends with a girl Alisya Natsuki in his class. His world will totally change

This is a little script for a manga

If you havent read the past chapters please read those first

Im so sorry for this short Chapter i will pay back at the 4th one :)

Chapter 3: Deepening

On their way to school(Blake & Haruko)
"Hako, What do you mean the locker was unused?" Blake asked
"It wasn't used because the keys were mysteriously stolen." Haruko replied
"What? Does the principal have a spare? They normally have a spare in case the key was lost by a student." Blake said
"That is the weird part, The key from the principal was also stolen." Haruko said
"Hmm.. So our culprit is serious about this." Blake said
"What made you say that?" Haruko said
"Because if he just fools around. He would've taken all the keys instead. We need to discuss this with Alisya."
"Yeah, I think so too."
-School bell ringing-
"Crap! We're late!"
Haruko & Blake started running to the school


When they all gathered together(Alisya, Blake & Haruko"
"So, what do you think. Alisya?" Blake asked
"I agree with your theory, He must've done this to attract no attention." Alisya said
"So our culprit hides in the shadows, what a coward!" Haruko said
"That may be the best choice for him at the moment. As a student he can't hide anywhere, so he needs to be undetected as long as possible" Blake said
"The question now is: How can we find him?" Alisya asked
"For now we can ask the swimming teacher who had access to the changing room." Blake said
"Ok, I think the teacher is still at the pool." Haruko replied


"Teacher Hyoujo, Do other students have access to the changing rooms other than you?" Haruko asked
"No, There is only two keys in the world for the changing rooms. The principal has a copy and i have one." Teacher replied
"Hako, Did the principal said about another stolen key aside from the locker one?" Blake asked
"No, unfortunately" He replied
"No, That is great information. It narrows our suspects to the Swimming club members" Blake said
"Oh yeah, It must've been someone from the club" Alisya said
"Teacher, Were there any students who warent feeling well the day the shoes were stolen from Yuuki Michirou?" Blake asked
"There was one, Chika Ayano but she immidietly left after she was done warming up. She said she has some pain in her stomach." Teacher Replied
"Did you let her go?" Blake asked
"Of course! I cant let my students die in my lessons. So i let her go" Teacher Replied
"Did she change back to her normal clothes?" Alisya asked
"Yes, She then went to the school. I assumed she went to the nurses office" Teacher said
"She might be our C, Chika Ayano" Alisya said
"I think so too!"


As they Confront Chika Ayano at the schoolyard
"So? Were you the one who stole the shoes?" Haruko asked
"Senpai, What do you mean?" Chika asked
"Dont play dumb. I know that you stole them" Haruko said
"We have enough evidence! We will talk to the disciplinary committee." Blake said
"Okay! I was the one!" Chika said
"Why did you do that and the other incidents too?!" Alisya asked
"Me and Yuuki had an arguement. Wait, What! Other incidents? What do you mean?"
"Don't you know anymore?" Haruko said
"No. I didn't do anything except this one. I was asked to do this" Chika said
"Asked?! by who?" As blake was surprised
"I don't know, He just send me a letter, a letter to come and meet him by the tree behind the school he said he was ¨C¨ i was scared at first but he said he can make sure i can embarrass Yuuki by humiliating herself in front of the club. So i listened and did what he said" Chika Explained
"Did you see his face?" Alisya asked
"No, He was wearing a black Jacket and a Black mask. I didn't recognize his voice either. I know for sure that he is from this school though. As he referred the school as ¨our¨ school." Chika replied
"Okay, thank you. Please make up with Yuuki as soon as possible" Alisya said
"Yes, I hope i gave some important information" Chika said


As they come back to the club room
They opened the door and saw a White clover and a note
They were surprised
"Wh-What is this?" Haruko Replied
"Th-this is a White clover?!" Blake was surprised
"Why are you surprised?!" Haruko Asked
"In the language of flowers, these ones mean..." Blake said
"Think of me" Alisya said
"Think of me?!" As Haruko was shocked "He is making his presence to us" Blake said "Alisya can you read the note?" Haruko asked
As she reads she became speechless
Haruko took the note from her
it reads [If you interfere with my actions, You will be punished -C]
"So, He now knows our existence. We need to be carefull from now on!" Alisya said
"i think so too. besides when were confronting Chika a while ago i felt like being watched by someone far away yet i feel his presence so close" Blake said
"Me too! Please be careful on your way home." Haruko said


"Mom! i'm home!" Blake said
"Welcome home Blake! Dinner is ready, Why are you late?"
"We have some problems at school. So we needed to solve it"
"Really? Okay. Someone just called earlier. It was quite weird though. His voice was deep and scary!"
"Wait, What! What did it say, mom?"
"I dont really remember but along the lines of ¨Dont interfere with me¨, Do you know anything"
Blake was schocked
"N-no, Nothing. Lets eat"

-Chapter END-

Submitted: October 28, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jayke Goma. All rights reserved.

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