Kentucky, and medical marijuana

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I've written this article to prove the ridiculousness of Kentucky avoiding medical marijuana.

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



Medical Marijuana for Kentucky


Medical Marijuana for Kentucky. Kentucky, along with a few other states of the United States has failed to allow the people to vote for medical marijuana once again this year in 2016. However, many other states even including Florida have decided that it would be best to let the people of the state vote. This does make logical sense, for such a drug that has many, many more good effects than bad this has been a no-brainer. However, Kentucky in the year of 2016 has decided it would be best to POSTPONE any type of voting or even consideration of medical marijuana in Kentucky. I as a person feel very distant from our legislators, senator, and governor. Medical marijuana has so many unfulfilled uses that could be bettering people's lives or even SAVING them. Now there many be a few concerns with the legalization of medical marijuana. What about smoking in public? What if people don't want to see or smell marijuana? To be honest, that's fine. If it was passed to even be allowed in owned homes it would make such a difference. Even the state of Colorado saw that those who don't like marijuana DON'T have to participate it in. They don't have to see, smell, think about, smoke or do anything with marijuana they don't want to. I think this is the biggest concern people have, that after legalization people will be shoving a 'joint' in their facing saying hey! wanna smoke? While this is definitely not the case. Like I said before, people, like anything, can choose to participate or not participate in ingesting marijuana. With that being said, even those who oppose marijuana at the moment have no idea how beneficial it could be to them. Isn't especially the city of Louisville/Lexington tired of all the HARD drugs and crime? Don't the city of Louisville/Lexington require money from taxpayers to keep running? With medical marijuana, all of these problems can be solved very efficiently without costing the city anything! In my opinion, Kentucky needs to stop putting this on the backburner. We are falling behind other states in terms of legalization, about HALF of the united states is planning to legalize medical marijuana in 2016-2018, I think it's finally time Kentucky join the ranks. Help people lives and make them better, please don't keep this from people too much longer.


- Anonymous, but concerned Kentucky Resident.

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