The Best Secrets from the 'Job Search Diary' Book

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'Job Search Diary' is an interesting read for anyone struggling with the job search. has managed to create an easy yet effective book that can help anyone land a desirable position without troubles.

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



Job search is usually pretty stressful for the every seeker. It requires a lot of time and energy to focus and play up to the own strengths. Moreover, an applicant should use the right strategy and techniques. Without the help on the third hand, it's easy to get lost.

This is the reason a new book “Job Search Diary” is a total win-win for the newbies. The experienced users have something interesting to pick up as well. It got presented by one of the most popular resumes writing services – Resume Writing Lab. Free book download here:

The company holds a reputation of the reliable assistant in the job search. It has already helped an impressive number of people to land their dream jobs. It was only a matter of time for spilling the secrets out.

The book is already online so that everyone can benefit from it. Qualified professionals wrote not only about creating a perfect resume and CV but also about other job search stages.

The Book Structure

There are 5 chapters in the book. Each of them contributes to the efficiency of the whole process. They interact one with another creating the sophisticated system. What are the chapters exactly? Here they are:

  • Setting Aims
  • Planning
  • Resume Writing Tips
  • Cover Letter Writing Tips
  • Effective LinkedIn Profile

As we can see the Resume Writing Lab took into an account all modern issues. Of course, there are more important turning points such as a job interview and IT skills. But nobody's perfect, right? Still, the book offers valuable tips on the common topics, so it's, definitely, worth the attention. These pieces of advice build a solid foundation for the future career. Keeping them in mind makes possible to achieve the high aim. 

The undeniable advantage of the book is a good structure. It makes easy to understand the data, navigate through it and find the most relevant information. Lists and pictures provide with the better uptake of content. Another thing, it isn't big and contains only failproof tips.

The chapters Resume Writing Tips, Cover Letter Writing Tips and Effective LinkedIn Profile are the most chock full. These are the true specialties of the company. Therefore, answers are simplistic and intelligible. Who hadn't wondered at least once about the difficulties with the resumes and cover letters? What should be mentioned and what not? What is the best way to shop oneself to the recruiter? The book is a guide that will lead you through all bumps to the dream job.

Who Is the Target Audience

The book, obviously, is for those, who are seeking a job. The tips will be useful both for the newcomers and longtimers. Although, there is no specific information for the postgraduates, “Job Search Diary” provides them with the general understanding of the subject. The knowledge will make them more aware and confident in the job hunting process. However, don't worry, if you haven't found the necessary info. Resume Writing Labs plans on the continuing a literary pathway, so you'd better keep an eye on it.

Why Is This Book Relevant

First of all, it's getting more challenging to get a good job. The modern world is very competitive, so everyone has to be constantly alert and alive. Secondly, rules are changing all the times. New methods and tools appear constantly. “Job Search Diary” gives the fresh and updated twist. The company is acquainted with the newest resume writing standards. Consequently, they know what is better to offer. A guide, which operates with such big experience, can't be useless.

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