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Letters from another universe.

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



(New letters Will be added regurlary)



Dear Hamburger


I feel our worlds are the complete opposite of each other. You say the planet you live on (Earth) orbits your universes sun. That’s strange to me for my universes sun orbits the planet I live on. It orbits our planet along with 7 other planets (I don’t mean to say the sun is a planet): Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune.

I’m very interested in how your solar system works.

Does it have other planets?

If so, do they orbit the sun also?

Do you have stars?



Sincerely yours




Dear Hamburger


Thank you for answering all my questions. Of course, your answers only make me want to ask more question (Which is the point of our exchange of letters), however, I will answer your questions first before I ask them.

In what order those the other planets circle your planet?

1. Mercury





The moon is the closest mass. Also, I didn’t include the sun, which is between Venus and mars, for it is a star not a planet.

Do they travel around your planet in an ellipse or a circle?

I researched it (some of your questions I haven’t thought of asking of my own world) and I found the answer. All planets move elliptical around the earth.

Does your planet rotate or is it static?

All the books I read about the subject says we move slowly.

Here’s my questions to you.

Is your planet like ours? My planet is 80% land and 20% water and is very hot most of the time.

Sincerely yours


P.S. Thank you for asking all those question. I never thought of researching some of them until you asked them, and I’m happy to know more about my planet.




Dear Hamburger

Thank you for your offer to bring me something to drink. However, even though it is hard for us to get water, we are still able to make various kinds of drinks: orange juice, apple juice and my favorite cranberry juice. Our scientist has also found a way to reduce the salt in the ocean, so now we can drink from it.

Since it is regularly hot, we usually wear little clothes. Our women have the option to wear clothes or not in public. However, they usually choose to wear clothes, for it is considered indecent not to do so (usual depending on the age of the girl).

Are there really people in your universe that live in hot places, but still choose to wear lots of clothes? Why would they do that? Don’t they get hot?

Your planet (earth) seems like a great place to live. I hope they let us visit each other’s universe one day instead of just letting us write to each other. I can’t seem to get a perfect picture of your universe inside of my head. The details you provided helps a lot, however, it would be better if we switched universes, don’t you agree?

Sincerely yours


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