sudden death

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a man wakes up in a chamber only to find fate has taken it's toll by taking his life

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



  What just happened? I woke up laying on the ground to hearing a vague chant as background noise. Where is that coming from? Where the hell am I? Where are my clothes? I probably drank too much last night or something but I’m in this darkened room, which is not much of a room I believe. The pitch blackness peaks around every corner as if someone or something is standing there. The feeling of uncomfortableness clouds me but no one is in here with me, at least I don’t think. “Hello?” I ask but yet no answer. For some odd reason, the corners are so much blacker than the length of the walls. I cannot help to be nervous and sweaty. The only light that shines is much more of a fade glow about 10 feet from me in the door crack underneath it. The chanting stops. A quick silence felt like forever. Next thing I know, the door is bombarded open, someone with a black cloak just stands there, the face is nothing but blackness as though I’m looking at absolute darkness. The door slowly closes as the cloaked person disappears. “Hello?” No answer. My voice screeches as I loudly say hello again. The only thing I hear is my heart beat, my rapid breathing. This person just vanish-GRAB! The only thing I can concentrate on is the grip that is about to shatter my arm. I am now being dragged unto this cold hard helpless floor. More of a hospital or a basement than a house. The walls are covered with creepy paintings of people in suits that I have never seen before, like some kind of royalty. Still not much light as I once saw before, it’s hard to get out the person who is dragging me down this narrow hallway. “Where am I going? Why are you doing this to me?!” I try to break free but as I soon realized I am now in a room with really high ceilings and roman pillars that is only glowing with candles, but surrounded by a group of the same blackened cloaked beings as the person who dragged my naked oblivion here. Are these people even people? “WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!?” I shouted as I am being dragged to the center of this inner circle of people. Once I reach the center, I notice a satanic pentagram painted in blood which they put me on. Some odd cloaks put candles at each five corners. Looking rapidly, left, right, left again, the faces of blackness seem to be getting overbearing. I then noticed the head of sheep on a long spear like pole, leaking of fresh blood from what used to be the neck. The desperation in its eyes probably look similar to mine. They then began a chant, some cult chant. What are they doing? It got colder, darker in already a darkened room, and the feeling of pain crept on me. The voices change from high pitched soothing singing to more of a dull, harsh tone and then suddenly the chanting stopped. I have never believed in any kind of stuff like this until now. I then hear a faint whisper:

“You’re going to die.”

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sudden death

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