My fault

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Chapter 1 (v.3) - The weird girl

Submitted: October 28, 2016

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Submitted: October 28, 2016



I ran along the hallways of my empty school, my heavy footsteps and panting echoing around as if I were in a cave.


Shit, of all days to leave my lunch box under my table…


Shafts of light spewed in from the windows of the classrooms, illuminating the hallways with a bright orange hue of the setting sun. The entire school was like a graveyard, silent and eerie, with the silence only broken by a couple of chirping birds. Upon reaching my classroom, I stopped outside to catch my breath before sliding open the door and entering the empty classroom. Once I stepped into the room, I immediately ran towards my seat at the back of the class.


Damn, I need to get out quick, I don't like being in here when it's this empty.


While I rummaged through my things under my table, a soft voice and chilling suddenly spoke put behind me, making me jump a little.


?: “Did you forget something?”


I immediately froze. Was that a voice? Maybe it's just my imagination? The voice spoke up again.


?: “Is this yours?”


I straightened myself up and turned around slowly. Behind me stood a girl that came up to just under my nose, with silky silver colored hair that was grown just past her shoulders accompanied by a cold emotionless face that sent chills down my spine. Her arms were outstretched, I looked down and saw that she was holding onto a lunch box that had my name on it


[Toma Hiroki]


I lifted it from her outstretched hands and bowed slightly.


Hiroki: “T-thank you!”


?: “Don't mention it.”


She spoke in a slightly monotonous almost dead sounding tone. Who was this girl? Is she from another class? I don't remember seeing her before.


Hiroki: “U-um!”


?: “Hm?”


Hiroki: “Why did you have my lunch box? Don't you need to go home?”


?: “I saw it lying around earlier, so I thought I would hang on to it until you showed up.”


Hiroki: “B-but what if I didn't show up?”


?: “Well…I would have probably just left it alone and gone home then.”


Hiroki: “Why not leave it alone in the first place?”


?: “I had a hunch that you would come back to retrieve it. Guess I was right.”


Hiroki: “...”


?: “Well, see you.”


Hiroki: “W-wait!”


?: “Hm?”


Hiroki: “I haven't seen you around before, are you from a different class?”


?: “Dummy, I'm from this class.”


Hiroki: “H-huh? W-wait!”


The mysterious girl left the classroom and closed the door behind her, leaving me alone in the empty classroom. Is she really from my own class? I don't remember anyone like her…

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