The Second Love

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Short story

Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



"Do you love me?", his eyes were moist with tears. He tried to control his tears but he couldn't. Daya wanted to know the answer today. She had always dodged the answer to this question

"Of Course, Darling", Gayathri said. He looked at her. He did not have her full attention.

It was Rohan's birthday and Gayathri was in Rohan's room when Daya barged in. Rohan was sitting in the couch looking at them. Daya knew Rohan could hear them speaking but he gave a damn. Rohan just smiled as if nothing was happening.
Daya had known her ever since his memory clock could go back. She was the world for him. Though he was showered with love by many women, he always needed her the most. Undeniably Rohan was the most handsome and smart one and that worried Daya.

He threw some photos in the table. "This is our photo which you had preserved. Look at the way you see me". He raised his voice will saying this. "Nowadays, I see the same love and concern when you are with Rohan."

She sensed a pang of jealousy. She had tried to explain that her first love was Daya but he wanted to know whether he will be the last love too. "Friends did tell me that things would change. I told them you were not like that. But....", his emotion controlled him now. 

Shankar, her husband, entered the room. "Wrong time to come in? Need help?", Daya was completely furious now as he was losing her attention further.

"Shankar, I don't understand what sort of friends a 6 year old can have to discuss such things", she had puzzled look in her face.

"Daya darling, Rohan is just a year old. He's a baby and he needs attention. I told you that he needs you too. You are his elder brother. You both will always be my love. Mommy can never live without you guys.". Gayathri kissed Daya.

"God promise?", he asked her. She couldn't control her laughter and said "God promise".

Shankar knew that this discussion is not going to end today and there will be many more. Gayathri looked at Shankar and said "Will you make Rohan ready while I look after Daya. I want his big brother to be the most handsome man in the party". Daya laughed and hugged his mother. 

Shankar was jealous that Gayathri's attention was now on Daya and Rohan. But deep inside the heart, he wished that Daya and Rohan should have the same feeling forever. Mothers feeling can never be understood, he said this as he picked Rohan and shouted "Mom, I need your help".

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