Lifetime Affair

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Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



"You have to decide - it's either me or .....". She didn't complete. He knew what she meant. His daughter was the best thing happened to him. He knew it was his wife who had told her. He had mentioned to his wife before wedding but he promised that it all ended. But soon enough after marriage, it again began. His thoughts rolled back years ago.

It all began when he was in school. The moment he saw, He took a deep breath first time and he knew it's going to be a lifetime affair. He couldn't just forget. His parents came to know. They never thought his son could do it. After all, they were from orthodox Brahmin family and it was unheard of in his family. His best friends, being best buddies, had their own affairs and some tried to reason for the sake of his family. His family completely disapproved it. It was a mistake to be honest with the family because he didn't want it to be heard from others. 

He got married later and had told his wife it all ended. But one day it all turned blue. He had terrible pressure and went out to chill. It was going to be a long night. He saw and it reminded of his first deep breath. His affair continued. He thought to keep it from his wife. As they say, the more you hide the more it reflects on you. He took good care of his wife and never allowed any reason to
Complain lest his affair. She didn't want it to make it a big affair.

Years went by. One day his wife was telling her friend - 'It was his fault. Harshu saw him in theatre when we went for a movie. He said he had work and will never step out of office. She was worried throughout the whole movie.'

His daughter cried when he came home and asked him - 'Are you going to leave us soon?'. His wife was red with anger. She never wanted her to know.  He asked very silently and with guilt feeling - 'What happened?'. I saw it. You have to decide it's either me or ....'., she sobbed. 'You know, Mukesh died of cigarette and I saw it in the theatre advertisement. And I saw you holding the cigarette before that.'

He just couldn't see his daughter crying and was touched by her innocence. 

'Damn Mukesh. How did they know that he was going to die when they interviewed. It's all a trap.', he murmured to his wife. Affair with cigarette continued from his school days and he just didn't think a day would come to end it all.

He took the packet of Benson and Hedges and threw it in the dustbin. Some affairs are best to end for family, he convinced and consoled himself. 

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