The Killing

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Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



Her mother watched her lying in the ground with their perpetrators around laughing. One was carrying an axe, the other knife and a saw blade. 

"Let's get into the job, boys", said one of the men.

Her hands were cut and she was helpless. She was losing her lifeline and they were not bothered about it. The untold pain and suffering she was going through was unexplainable. She decided not to cry and give out the joy to the men who seem to be sadist.

"You shouldn't have been here. Our bosses are trying to build a factory and you dare to stand here???", said one of them. She had done everything to the community in the best possible manner. She had been helping the needy and was known for giving more than asking. Inshort, she was the lifeline for the village and now her life was in danger and nobody raised a voice. She found people pItying for her, some crying but no one dared questioned the killing.

"We are not just going to stop with you. Looks like this village has lot more like you. Our bosses will build factory and provide employment to many. Your sacrifice is imperative.", laughed one of them while mutilating her. 

"Water, I need water.....", she was thinking but didn't tell the guys. She knew they would enjoy hearing it

Mother was watching all silently. She heard the silent cry and decided to help the dying child. Rain started to our heavily at the behest of Mother Nature. Her child, Banyan tree, was cut badly and was dying. The perpetrators left running from the rain and left the dying tree to be dealt later. 

Mother Nature knew that it's just a matter of time before she will be killed again. She was wondering about the cruel sadist nature of humans. There are many places to teach "Art of Living" but no one to teach them to respect the nature for their "Art of Giving".

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