One in a million

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Short story

Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



Vijay got completely drenched in the rain. It was an unexpected but terrific rain. He fell down while trying to escape the wrath of the nature and got hurt. He took a towel, went to washroom, dried himself. That's when he noticed it. That really shook him. He stared at the mirror for few minutes, applied ointment to the wound. He decided to meet the doctor as he found it strange on what he found as he was just 29 years old.

"Do you eat fast food or spicy or oily food?", asked the doctor. Vijay had never eaten anything in life other than these. He nodded approvingly. "You better avoid it if you don't want it to become worse. Eat green foods, dates, milk and please don't work for more than 8 hours", the doctor said.  

Days, months rolled. He had tried many doctors, medicines, tonics but no effect - allopathy, homeopathy etc. He already started looking late thirties with "Uncle" tagged by neighbourhood children. He was not sure whether it was because of anxiety or the actual problem.

The problem could also be hereditary, the doctors said. He hated his father for the first time in his life.  He went to an established hospital. Four hours of testing and finally the doctor suggested for a laser treatment followed by transplantation. But it would cost him dearer and the chances of failure is one in a million but was also possible, the doctor said.

Vijay often stared at mirrors and collected all his childhood photos and avoided selfies. He decided to go for transplantation. He looked himself in the mirror and looked at his thinning hair. Not thinning, receding actually he corrected himself in his mind. 

Baldness - the fact that he might have to forget comb in few years gave him jitters. Being called an uncle at 30 was not a joke and being treated as old man, especially by woman, was unbearable.

He went for procedure and within three months he got a permanent solution. He took a selfie and posted in Facebook. It was a picture with a cap as he turned out to be the one in a million. 

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