The Right Moment

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Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



John was lying in bed helplessly. Not by choice. He is a quadriplegic. He was returning from office in a car when he hit a biker accidentally. He got out of the car and that was the last time his foot touched the earth. The biker hit John with a baseball bat in the head immediately and That was 25 years ago.

George, his brother, had been taking care of him ever since. George was naturally a successor to the empire. He took over the empire after his fathers death in a bizarre accident. George was 8 years older than John and was more than a brother. After losing his wife and kid in an accident, George had none other than his brother. It was a cursed family, people said. In fact his castle was called as "Cursed castle".

Doctor had given up 10 years ago and had suggested Euthanasia. George dismissed the proposal.

The two old men spent time in the morning having a cup of tea, an usual affair for the past 10 years. "George, I need to confess something", John said. They had discussed over the euthanasia topic many a times. George reluctantly said "yes."

"I killed Dad. I killed Mary and your unborn kid. "You were always dad's blue eyed boy. I thought you would lose interest in life or kill you too later to get the whole wealth Maybe that's why I am bed ridden, curse of my sins. It was killing me and I don't want to die with a guilt heart. Will you please forgive me? I don't think I will live for a long time". He was quick, blunt and his eyes were yearning for forgiveness. He was crying like a baby.

George was silent. His harsh silence was killing John. George placed his cup on the tray and started speaking. "John, if you had asked me, I would have happily given my entire wealth. I was dead almost when I lost Mary. When a person comes out of such a grief, he won't be the same. I knew it was you. On the fateful day, the accident happened, I came to know of your heinous act. I wanted to decide your fate and biker took it in his hands. I killed the Biker because of one and only reason- Revenge is just mine and he had no right to snatch it from me." John sensed anger in George's voice.

"Killing you would just give you few minutes of pain. I wanted you to feel for it till end of your life. you need to suffer for the people who loved you more than anything, unborn who could do you no harm. I wanted to make you helpless and admit your act with guilt. I bought this mansion and took care of you myself just for this day. I prayed that I should not die before this day.". George face was red with anger. 

"So you know, I parted your share of wealth I.e. 50% to doctor to make you a vegetable. Otherwise , you would have recovered in 3 months time. Now that you have admitted, let me bid you good bye. You will never see me again and I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, ALIVE.". George was now very calm. "You will now have a slow death, feeling as helpless as a fly in spiders web."

He never could imagine George becoming a devil. He shouted till his throat became dry and begged for him to forgive and return.

George left with tears in his eyes, but not for John.  He remembered the quote which he read somewhere - " No trait is more justified than revenge in the right place and right time."

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