The Knock

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Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



Of the 800 apartment block, it was the only floor where no one had a peaceful sleep in the past 6
Months. The people who stayed there always heard a knock on the door. No one would be there if answered. Whoever stayed never answered the door again and soon shifted to new place.

It was believed that it was haunted by Mr. And Mrs. Thomas. They were the oldest couple till they lived. They were never short of money and were the richest couple in the apartment. They never had any kids and were the best friends to each other. They would often invite people for lunch and dinner to give them company but most often people wouldn't turn up as they were busy in their own lives.

Mr. Thomas died of heart attack one fine day and his wife too died couple of weeks later. The problem started then on. Right from the day it was rented, the knock started. It would be so loud and continued till morning. The rumour also spread out that they could find the old couple taking a walk on the third floor, the floor they lived.

Arun bought the apartment much against the advice of real estate or brokers. As usual that night, he heard the knock. It was louder than usual. He smiles and opened the door. 

Within a few days, the knocking stopped. The news spread around and people wondered what sort of black magic he did to stop the knocking. The knocking which was troubling their life for 6 months was gone. 

Finally, Mr. Shukla decided to pay a visit to meet Arun. Mr. Shukhla was the secretary of the apartment and was also one of the many who didn't keep up the promise of meeting the old couple for lunch and dinner 

Arun said, "I am an orphan who knows the pain of being alone. When I heard the ghost story, I knew what the problem was."
Mr. Shukla didn't understand head or tail of what was said.
Arul laughed and said, "Mr. And Mrs. Thomas  always wanted people to speak to them. They were not short of money and just needed the human touch. A smile and "Hi", "How are you?" Is what they expected when people see them and would have been more happy if someone paid visit to have coffee. People in the apartment were too busy to spend time and they missed the human touch. So once I heard the knock, I welcomed them with a smile and offered them coffee."

"Coffee", said Mr. Shukla

"It was not the coffee they wanted, he said smiling. "They just need the care, love and company. Since they got it from me, I guess they stopped knocking."

Shukla  could hear the sound of the empty rocking chair as if it was an affirmation from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.

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