The transmission

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Hello I am trying to writing a science fiction story (perhaps a series of stories depending if the internet likes it), Any feedback would be awesome.

Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016




Observation shuttle 0-5 silently cruised down through the clouds, deployed its stubby landing legs 

and landed light as a feather on the grassland below. Teludub clapped the enormous pilot on the 

back with his scaled hand, eye turrets wide with awe. ‘Excellent landing, Bipir’ he exclaimed 

‘Marvellous’. ‘Thanks’ Bipir replied untangling his roots from their various positions across the

control board while clambering out of his chair and stretching as best he could in, what for his 

species the Ul tur, was a cramped space due to their impressive average height of 8 foot. Teludub, 

at a more comfortable 5’9 feet, had no such issues. swivelling an eye Teludub checked at the third

and final member of the crew. Zazra, the missions flight engineer gave a laugh pushing away a 

stretching root that strayed too close with one paw and with the other while flipping numerous

switches as part of a shutdown procedure. when that was done she unbuckled from from her seat and

walked out the cockpit, swishing her tail as she went, with Bipir squeezing through the door behind 

her. Following suit Teludub unbuckled his harness and exited the cockpit, closing the door behind 

him. Teludub then turned looked upon the largest room in the shuttle. The multipurpose command

centre could more than live up to its role, with the dark blue walls being able to fold down to adapt 

to any situation whether it be from sterile lab to an emergency clinic, monitoring station and mobile 

communications relay. Teludub approached his crew who were examining a hologram in the middle

of the room, currently showing the nearby landscape and pulsing light. he looked at the pulsing 

light with increasing wonder.  In the three years he had observed Sanctuary A from the research 

station orbiting above, the primitives below were only at what had appeared to be a renaissance 

age. However this, message perhaps? being broadcast showed technology had advanced far 

beyond what had been observed. Although, he thought it was hardly as if the planet, Sanctuary A, 

fit the status quo to begin with, In fact it wasn’t even a planet at all.


Sanctuary A was one of the four habitable segments which made up the enormous ring that 

encircled an entire sun and had been previously guarded by a long abandoned computer which

refused to believe that in its lost masters absence civilisations could develop on its surface. What 

followed was the most brutal naval conflict in The Interstellar Republic's history in order to liberate 

the trapped inhabitants.


“All right” He said, returning from his thoughts “as you know something has been broadcasting a 

continuous stream of data which has been pinpointed here” while pointing at the pulsing light. 

“scans shows it is a large stream of apparently random numbers. Whatever this transmitter is we 

want it for a proper analysis to confirm weather this is the case” With that his team got to work. 

Zazra entered some commands into the hologram projectors console while Bipir began pushing 

open the walls around them revealing camouflaged protective suits, helmets, transmitters and a 

large black locked cabinet. Teludub walked past them and approached the cabinet. Drawing a key 

he slid it into the lock and gave it a turn. The cabinets doors opened. Stowed inside in were 3 

standard issue laser rifles and ion pistols, with a drawer below for ammunition. His crew had 

become like family over the three years they had been working together and he wasn't about to 

risk their lives over a transmitter. When he finished loading  the battery cells into the weapons he 

turned to see his crew already fully suited up. He passed them a rifle, pistol and some spare 

magazines each before quickly putting on his own suit and helmet as the suits built in computer run

its checks, watching as one by one the radio vital monitors and scanner came online in his heads 

up display. 


“Everyone ready” he asked walking toward the door release switch, grabbing a rifle and pistol as 

he went hearing two murmurs of the affirmative. 


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The transmission

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