Everlasting Suffering

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Joey Wells wrongfully blames his sister, Ivey, for the death of their Mother. Joey begins to torture Ivey to the point where she couldn't take it anymore and kills herself. Ivey comes back as a ghost to seek revenge on Joey. Some harsh truths are revealed after this incident that makes the family suffer even more.

Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



Everlasting Suffering by: Spherical Josh




Suffer Joey. Suffer Joey. Suffer like I did Joey! These words grew a little bit louder over time. Suffer Joey. Suffer Joey. Suffer like I did Joey! Then, it began to repeat another time with each word stronger than the last. Suffer Joey! Suffer Joey! Suffer like I did Joey! Joey straightened upright in his bed in a cold sweat. His breathing was very shallow and his face was dripping with sweat. Joey quickly turned on his light to surveyed his room and discovered that there was nothing there. He had no idea where or whom these words were coming from, but shivers still crawled down his spine. He didn’t hear anymore voices after a few minutes, so he just thought it was a bad dream that he was having. When Joey turned off his light, he heard those words again growing louder in the night. Before he could turn on his light this time, he felt something grab him and throw him across his room. Joey sat in pain whilst trying to make sense of the whole situation. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice. A voice that he had not heard in a long time. “Did you miss me big brother?” Joey looked up to see his sister, Ivey, in a ghost-like figure floating above him in the air.


Joey was speechless and he sat there frozen like a statue. Suddenly, Ivey the ghost said these brief but cruel words. “I’m going to make your life a living hell just like you made mine.”




It all started on Halloween of last year. The Wells family had an annual Halloween party in their beautiful three story house. Even with their huge manor, it was not that big of a get together. It was just a few neighborhood adults that needed some fun after they put their own little trick or treaters to bed. Joey and Ivey were a tad bit too old to trick or treat, so they enjoyed the party without the annoyance of the hyper little children. All the adults were dressed up in their Halloween costumes, just having some fun. Many them were drinking the night away; especially Mrs. Wells. She was very tipsy with more than a few drinks in her. Tonight, was going to be a long night for her. Joey and Ivey, on the other hand, were a little bit bored. So, they made the most of it and just started messing around with the drunkards. Ivey’s methods were a little extreme to say the least and Joey was just trying to make the adults attempt to lick their elbows and give them difficult riddles to solve. The adult’s answers were always a load gibberish. Mr. Wells was downstairs with the other adults dancing to the Monster Mash when he saw his wife struggling to walk up the stairs. He was enjoying himself dancing with one of the single moms there, so he asked Ivey to help her mom get up the stairs. When Mrs. Wells and Ivey were walking up the stairs, Mrs. Wells spilled some red wine on her costume. I still remember how much the red wine stain resembled blood. “Damn it!”, Mrs. Wells shouted.


“What’s wrong mom? what do you need,” Ivey said to her.


“I need a towel from the bathroom to clean this shit off my costume,” Mrs. Wells said slurring incoherently to Ivey.


As Ivey went to get a towel for her mom, she heard a thud of glass breaking and lots of screams coming from below. Ivey hurried to the railing and saw a large pool of blood. Her mother’s blood. She had broken her neck from the fall and was killed instantly. Everyone was freaking out and scared from what they had just witnessed. “What happened,”, Ivey said in a gloomy voice.


“It is all your fault! That’s what happened. I saw you up there with mom. You should have been there for her.” Joey screamed at her.


Ivey ran away to her room, crying her eyes out. Mr. Wells was completely speechless after the loss of his wife. The other adults called the police to help with the situation. It was the worst Halloween for the Wells family yet.


Over the next few days, Joey was completely heartbroken. He was furious at Ivey for what she had let happen. He blamed her for the death of their mother and Joey continued to say that Ivey should have been there to stop her from going over the railing. Time and time again, Ivey would tell Joey that it was not her fault and that there was not anything she could have done to save her. Joey’s words turned into actions and he started to torture Ivey. Mr. Wells was not home during the day because of his busy work schedule, so Joey had an ample amount of time to do whatever he pleased. Joey would fill up the bath water and dunk Ivey in it for long periods of time. He grew closer to drowning her each time, but he didn’t want her dead. Joey wanted her to feel the ultimate pain of suffering for what she had done. That went on for a few days and then the abuse began to get worse. Joey found some bloody broken glass that Ivey had in her room. It was the final remains of their mother. Joey began to force the bloody broken glass down Ivey’s throat. Each little piece Ivey digested, Joey would say, “Suffer Ivey. Suffer Ivey. Suffer like I did!”


The tormenting never seemed to cease. Ivey tried to get help from her father, but he would always take Joey’s side. Deep down inside, he also believed that it was Ivey’s fault for what had happened to his wife. Rejected from her own father, Ivey tried to get help from a psychiatrist. No help there either. Finally, Ivey tried to reach out to her family members. None of them would help her because of the incident that had occurred on Halloween. All the never-ending agony she felt from Joey was too much to handle. She could not take one more second of it. Ivey killed herself to escape the pain and suffering she had endured from her awful brother Joey.




Ivey the ghost smiled when she saw the fear in her brother’s eyes and soul. “How is this possible? You are dead,” Joey said to Ivey the ghost trembling.


“No shit, Sherlock! I am dead, but I am a ghost now. I’m ready to make you pay for what you did to me,” Ivey said glaring at Joey.


Ivey the ghost wanted revenge for what Joey had done to her. “Looks like it’s your turn and a lot of other people’s turn to die on this bloody moonlit Halloween night” Ivey the ghost said to Joey.


All through the night and the morning Ivey told Joey the theme for their annual Halloween party. It would be the one year deathiversary for their mother. “The theme is going to be suffering. A lot of suffering for you Joey!!”, Ivey said to Joey laughing, “OH, by the way, Joey. I hope you like magic.”


It was a couple of hours before the Wells Halloween party and Ivey the ghost wanted to give Joey a little taste of what was in store for tonight. She began to dunk him in bath water just like he did to her last year. She didn’t want him to die, she only wanted to torture him just like he did to her. Ivey the ghost was unstoppable and relentless in her ability to inflict pain. When Joey blamed her for the death of their mother, she began to cut herself all over to punish herself for what she supposedly did. This time around, it was a different story. Joey had no way to escape the control of Ivey the ghost. She began to control every aspect of Joey. As Joey began to cut himself all over his body, Ivey the ghost brought the bloody glass pieces for him to eat. He was crying for her to stop, but she was not quite done yet. Ivey picked up Joey from the bathroom and tossed him into the corner of his room. She was anxious to reveal her extraordinary evil power to Joey.




Ivey the ghost heard her father from downstairs say that the guests were there. Ivey the ghost was ready to wreak havoc on Joey and the others who were there last year. Ivey the ghost floated over to Joey and began to take control of Joey’s body. He screamed in shock and pain, but he could not do a single thing about it. She had complete control of Joey’s actions. Ivey the ghost could still feel Joey’s helpless thoughts of fear and anger as they headed downstairs. It was the same as last year, only a few adults and no children. The mood was bleak because of what had happened last year was still remembered by the crowd. Mr. Wells approached Joey the possessed teen with a numbing look on his face and said, “I know it is difficult son, but this is what your mother would have wanted. For the party to go on.”


“I know she is smiling at us from up above,” Joey said.


A slight smile appeared on Mr. Wells’ face as he headed up the haunting staircase. Ivey was delighted and ready to get payback on what had happened a year ago. Despite Joey’s attempt to free himself, Ivey told his body to slowly creep up the stairs to find their dad at the railing observing the sorrowful view from above. Joey tried hard to take back his body, but Ivey was in full control when she pushed her dad off the stairs. A loud thud, that resembled the one from last year, followed his fall and a lake of blood formed around his decrepit body. Screams of terror began to appear as the adults went to see if he was alive. Unfortunately, their father was dead. “Ahhh! What the hell did you just do Ivey,” Joey said in his head to Ivey the ghost.


“I’m doing what you did to me. I am making you suffer,” she responded, “You’re not done yet. There are still three other people here and you get to decide who dies... Just kidding everyone dies!”


Ivey the ghost ran down the stairs to see everyone freaking out and looking for help. Three adults had to die because of what Joey did to Ivey. Ivey grabbed a gun from their now-deceased parents’ room. When Ivey went to the living room, Ivey the ghost freed herself from Joey and quickly scared the shit of the three adults in the room. Ivey the ghost then told the adults not to call 911 or they would face the dreadful consequences. All the adults froze up and listened to the ghost floating above them. Ivey the ghost finally tells Joey that he must shoot and kill all three adults. If he doesn’t she is going to kill all their relatives using his body again and it will be all his fault. Ivey the ghost gives the gun to Joey, so that he can complete his task. Without hesitation, Joey tries to shoot himself only to discover that the trigger could not be pulled. “Did you think that I would let your suffering end that easily,” Ivey the ghost asked laughing her ghostly white ass off.


Ivey the ghost still had control over every aspect of Joey and she made sure he could not shoot himself. She wanted him to endure the ultimate suffering like she had. The three adults were crying their eyes out as they were all getting ready to die and it was all Joey’s fault. Suddenly, before Joey could pull the trigger, something took hold of him and Ivey. A bright light appeared out of nowhere and they realized that it was the ghost of their mother. Mrs. Wells the ghost told all her living friends to leave, no questions asked. They quickly left the house, still confused and fearful from the night’s events. “You two should be ashamed of yourselves, You two caused so much destruction to our family,” Mrs. Wells the ghost screamed to Ivey and Joey, “Joey, you tortured Ivey so much that she killed herself. Ivey, you made Joey kill my husband!”


Mrs. Wells the ghost wanted to save her husband, but she was still in the land of the suffering to pay for her sins of getting drunk and not being able to support her family for the year. Mr. Wells is in the land of the suffering right now to pay for his sins because he cheated on Mrs. Wells with his ‘busy work schedule’. Mrs. Wells said to Ivey, “Do you know why I fell off the railing to my death?”


“You drank too much and couldn’t control your movement?” Ivey said to her mother.


“No sweetie. When I was in the land of the suffering, I saw that you spiked my drink with GHB. You were a little bored at the party and spiked my drink. “Mrs. Wells the ghost said to her, “And you Joey, you made your own sister kill herself because you tormented her every day after my death. You’re going to pay for that.”


Mrs. Wells picks up the gun and shoots Joey right in the face. Joey’s forehead forms a river of blood that trails down his face and he dies a quick death. Mrs. Wells the ghost takes control of Joey, Ivey, and Mr. Wells’ body and picks up the most significant remembrance of all four of them. She takes the bloody glass piece and stabs them all in their ghostly heart. They all float away like a feather in the wind to the land of the suffering to suffer forever and always.


Happy Halloween everyone.




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© Copyright 2018 Spherical Josh. All rights reserved.

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