A little pumpkin named James

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The story of "A little pumpkin named James" is about James who is the smallest pumpkin in the patch and all of the bigger pumpkins would pick on James and and doubt him and try to make James feel small. So a spice came to James and told him how he shouldnt care about what other people think. And so the very next day James remembered the little spiders advice and eventually became dfriends with all the other big pumpkins.

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



It was a very windy night and Mr.Hanks had just finished harvesting his last load of pumpkins that night. James, who was the smallest was Mr.Hanks favorite pumpkin because he stood out from all of the other pumpkins. But that made all the other pumpkins jealous because they wanted to have all the spotlight and have James left in the darkness. So that windy night James had asked on of the big pumpkins to come under their leaves because he didn't have any, but on a very rude voice the bigger pumpkin said " No you can go and get your own because your not wanted here"! So James wen to go cry off into the wind. "Why don't the big pumpkins want to share with me. And so James fell asleep still wondering about the pumpkins.

The next morning all the bigger pumpkins were hovering over James awaiting for him to wake up as soon as he opened his eyes they started to call James very rude names like: "Your are thee weakest pumpkin I have ever met", "Your just a little old baby",  and "We aren't your friends"! and those words made kames even weaker inside, James didn't want to show them that what they were saying was true, so James just eased his way through a small opening between two bigger pumpkins and just kept on moving.

While James was hopping his way about he came across a little spider. The spider had told James how she had seen how those mean pumpkins treated him. So the little spider gave James some advice about what he should do and the little spider said to James " Don't let those mean old grumpy pumpkins get to you because every single inch of you and then is different and you all have your own special parts, so don't let them get to you and thell you that your different because your small, don't be unhappy with yourself because your small be happy because your different". And later that day James did use the spiders advice and told all those other boig pumpkins the same thing that the spider had told him. And so the bigger pumpkins understood how James was feeling, so the wanted to be James's friend. And so that exact thing happened and James and the bigger pumpkins became friends and was never to be maen to one another again?

The End 

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