One Vote, Misery For Millions

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Oh my god, really?

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



Wake up! 'slap, slap, slap!' I hate to do that to y'all, but America's on the verge of possibly electing the biggest dumb shit, ever, to the presidency. And, not only a dumb shit, but a racist egomaniac, unqualified, inexperienced, dumb shit. Don't hand me that crap about 'an outsider'. The only thing Trump's outside of is reality. I've been told not to give this guy anymore free publicity, but I really can't believe, as a country, we'd be so stupid. And, it's not just our country that will be screwed, the rest of the world's watching, incredulous that we could possibly be so foolish as to elect what amounts to a third-rate carnival barker, a con artist, to the most powerful position in the world. Let this be a warning to everyone; if, on Nov. 8th, you cast your vote for him, you'll be responsible for all the bad shit that will hit the fan.


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