the plan

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what happens when expectations and reality are different....

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



You were suppose to be six feet tall, have blue eyes and exude the perfect amount of reserve and arrogance that I find attractive.

Your hair would be the colour of a raven's wing (I think that's how they describe shiny black hair in all my romance novels), and you would be sporting a slight stubble on your chiseled jaw.

I had you pegged at some cool job like a bike lane engineer or a white hat hacker.

We were going to meet at some funky antique store or farmer's market where our hands would collide over bunches of wait a minute, I hate kale, let's make it peaches. Yes much sexier.

The instant buzz I would feel when our fingers touched would turn out to be your cell going off, but I would fall head first when you ignored it and put it away in your pocket.

Our eyes would meet and you would smile revealing a dimple (yes, just one please), while I concentrated on biting my lip in a move I totally stole from Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. Hey it worked for her.

I was going to be rocking a new Ralph Lauren sundress and wearing my pink sandals, the ones that make my short legs look....well, still short.

I would have just come off a ten day cleanse and my skin and hair would be perfection.


I didn't meet you at a Pottery Barn, library or any other romantic setting.

We hooked up at a party, got pissed and had sex. Actually fantastic mind blowing sex.

The next morning, we had pancakes and watched the entire season of Breaking Bad.

Turned out that you are not all that tall. Your eyes are green and your hair although slightly thinning is a nice shade of brown. The jaw line is still a mystery as I have only seen you with a well trimmed beard.

You teach eighth grade to a bunch of horny adolescent teens. You come with a mutt of questionable lineage named Gary, a house that is half renovated and a group of friends that are as goofy as they are loyal.

You dig girls with curly hair and a sense of humor, and we found out the hard way that you are still allergic to peaches, which as it turns out are not all that sexy.

You kiss like a dream, wake up with a smile and have one cute dimple. It is located just above your ass, but I am not complaining.

You were not part of my plan, but my heart spoke and that turned out to be indescribably better.

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