Lost Generation

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The generation that is living right now is completely lost.

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



Looking at this generation it is completly disturbing to see what is happening across this natiion. There are colleges across America that treat their students as if they are fragile glass who need a safe space so they won't get their feelings hurt if someone has a different opinion then them. i have seen videos on YouTube of students harassing each other over wearing a Make America Great Again hat, and they are yelling at the student to take it off because it's hate speech. This generation has completley missed the meaning of racism, sexism, and feminism amongst other things but these three are the big ones that people have a complete misunderstanding. When it comes to race in America it seems like white people have to apologize for being white, and also because of slavery which they had nothing to do with.

The next thing that completly boggles my mind is how sexism is viewd these days, back then if you told a woman to go make a sandwich for you because she was a woman that was considered sexism now anything can be triggering. Air conditions not set at the right temperature can be considered sexist, manniquins that are not the right body size can be considered sexist anything that can make a person feel victimized could be considered sexist. Finally the one that I consider the biggest problem is femenism in the beginning the first wave of femenism was about wanting the right to vote, the second wave of femenism was about the workplace, and repoductive rights things that actually mattered in socitey. Finally you have third wave feminism, which should called women screaming that they are the victim for reasons that are completly insane, and you wonder who they go outside. You can find these "feminist" from what I've seen on college campuses screaming how men are pigs, and that anyone who is not a feminist should go kill themselves, and that the world would be a better place without any of us here on the planet.

Also you can find most of these feminist on Tumblr, but giving any description of that would be like a horror story. This is not a generation that is ready to inherit a nation like this, because of their attitudes this has become a nation of cry babies who need a safe space. Think about it a person who spent most of their time in college crying about a safe space is going out into the real world to get a job, and think about do you honestly think their employer is going to take them seriously if they ask for a safe space.This generation needs to get serious with itself or we will be a nation that is full of disgrace and that will be a dangerous thing. Stop thinking this country owns you something when you have nothing to show for it.


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