Dangerous Heart

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james has never had a heart for anyone, not even his family. but when he meets a young girl at school, he falls for her. she seems to like everyone but him. what ruckus will james cause to steal her heart?

Submitted: October 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 30, 2016



James felt for his alarm clock. He got up and changed into his school clothes. He grabbed his backpack, a cereal box, and a milk carton and was out the door. He knew his parents were already at work and wouldn't be back till midnight. First day of school jitters, he thought. 

James hopped on the bus. He stared at his cell phone, ignoring all the other kids. Really, you can't blame him for being cold-hearted because his parents don't always make time for him. A kid brushed past his leg. "Watch it" he said. When he looked up, he felt different than ever before. He just said something mean to a new girl, one which he just found pretty. He blushed and looked down. The girl said " Sheesh, can't you see it's packed in here?" He wished he could stop time and rewind it. He would if he really could.


At, school, James kept to himself. All he wanted was to get through school and write in his diary. ( I know, its seems weird for a boy, don't judge him).When he stepped off the bus, he froze. His parents shinny midnight blue car was parked on the driveway. His stomach did a flip flop. He ran into the house, slipping off his shoes. He was terrified. Then, his mom scooped him in a bear hug. "We've been fired." She yelled, jumping and screaming.Even he knew being fired was bad. He swung his arms at her. " Now now, James" she said, shaking her head. " Don't be a butt." James felt fury. His father was more reasonable. He immediately signed him up for a counsler, for his anger issues.

James got on the bus. The girl merely glanced at him. She was talking to everyone else plesantly. He didn't like it. He tried to make himself punch someone. The driver eyed him. She gave him the stink eye. When he reached school, he was sent to a new class, one for older kids, it being he was over grade level. The girl was here. He name was Julie Mcgregor. She was somehow thrilling, yet pleasant. Then, a lady came into the class. " James". James trugded torwards her. She brought him to a small room, filled with small potted plants. He liked it. She talked to him. He liked her. He explained about his problems. Then, he went to the class agian, and remebered he hadn't told the lady about the girl. " Ugh" he muttered " James, would you like to share something with the class?"  Mrs. Motterbottom asked. He got up and punched the whiteboard. Everyone stared at him in shock. "Go." the teacher said firmly.

James was sent home, and his family greated him with a frown. His grandma looked sober, looking at him with those old eyes. James screamed and yelled at them, letting his anger out. When he opened his eyes, they were all gone. He dragged his feet to his room, his anger haunting him.

He dreamed about his grandmas eyes, and the girls voice. He wriggled and fought with himself, trying to determine whether to follow his heart our not. He wrote in his diary later" Dangerous Heart'. 

At school the next day, he told the lady. She listened as he told her he liked her, but she seemed to like everyone but him. She suggested moving on. He tried that. He couldn't forget her.

The next day, she suggested being nice. He tried on her. He tried on his parents. It went okay. " Hey mom" He said. " Yes?" she said, absorbed in her sewing. " I love you'" his mom spun around and covered him in hugs and kisses. He felt weird, but good. His anger came out every once in a while, but it was great, better than before. 

The girl was sitting alone. This was his chance. " Hello Mr. Watch Out" She said covering up the nearby seat. James slowly ignored. No reason to fight, he thought. " Wanna talk?" He asked, forcing a smile. " Start over?" He said. She nodded. " I'm Julie." I'm James." He said. He quickly blurted this out. " I like you." Julie looked shocked. " I umm, like you too" She said. " Friends?" he asked. " Yes" She said. James told her all about him and his anger issues. They became best friends for life, and they are married today.They have four children, one of whom has anger issues, like James.


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